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  1. I love this clan, and I love our channel. But I cannot join any other channel other than clan default. I like the trivia channels and public chats, but cannot seem to find a way to join those without being redirceted to OD. I am literally about to uninstall D2 over this and reinstall. Help? No moderators in channel to give ANY feedback.
  2. So Clan, what is your morning routine? Mine? Wake up ✔️, pants? ... ✔️..? Roast and Toast! ✔️✔️
  3. Welcome Jordan!! Pleasure to see you again fully recruited!!
  4. DOKO! How art thou?! Welcome Offically! Thank you Mrs. Cindy! i will see you there, downloading now!
  5. will do, thank you so much for saying Hi! i hope to see you all in game!
  6. Lol, its was a very professional recruitment! But what can I say, you are the GOAT
  7. Hello everyone! I am Chris (Mister(OD)) I just wanted to stop in and say hello and to also say Thank You to Sassy(OD) and to BloodOfThe(OD) for bringing me to and allowing me to be apart of this amazing Clan! I hope I can be a productive and valued member of Clan OD!! I am so very excited! If I can help with anything at all I will do all that I can. Again, Thank you Sassy(OD)-The Best Recruiter of all time ~GoAt!~ and BloodOfThe(OD)!
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