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  1. Happy Friday Everyone!!! I am so happy to see that we are continuing to grow as a squad, and becoming a Division once again!!! Don't forget that tonight is squad night at 6 pm est standard time, and we usually play until the wee hours of Saturday morning...so hop into the discord and log in to League and join us whenever you are available!!! I am also still wondering who is interested in playing clash next weekend? Please message me via discord that your interested along with lane you prefer to play...Let's represent OD and bring home a banner next weekend. As far as recruitment goes we are constantly growing, and welcome any new members that you would like to invite....please let me know if you have any friends that would be interested in joining OD!!! Have a great day everyone, and I hope to see you all this evening for our 3rd Squad night!!!! Sincerely, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Redops(OD)
  2. Wow...I am still filled with excitement about how our first League of Legends squad night went last night so we decided to do another one this evening!!! If your interested in joining us for some ARAMS, Norms, or Nexus Blitz games connect to the Lobby Voice Ch. in the League of Legends section of our discord. I am currently in the voice ch. now, but was hoping to start squad night in about an hour or so...Hope to see you there!!! Sincerely, League of Legends Squad Leader WO1 Redops(OD)
  3. Thanks so much @Purplez(OD) for sharing this on the Facebook page!!! I am sending you a friend request right now @SpikeSpiegel(OD), and I am extremely looking forward to playing with you too @MelodicRose(OD)
  4. Thanks so much @Purplez(OD) for sharing it on facebook, and I will send you a friend request @Ganker(OD)
  5. Good Morning Everyone, A Warm Welcome I would like to start off by welcoming a few new recruits that are currently trial members awaiting membership into ODG to our League of Legends Squad...Let's all extend a warm welcome to JYanks9(OD), Joolzrose(OD), Keplin(OD), Slvrpheonix(OD), Team1Mate(OD), and last, but not least Zyrith(OD)!!! Squad Night I would like to start having a weekly Squad night either on Saturday's or Sunday's...Squad night's would start by us meeting up on the ODG Discord in the League of Legends voice Ch. titled LOBBY, and picking teams to play custom ARAM or Summoners Rift matches against each other. This could also include TFT party night's, as well as, Nexus Blitz party night's too!!! There is also a few other clubs that I know of that would love to play customs against our squad...so please let me know who would be interested in any of these things mentioned above. Also let me know which day, (Saturday or Sunday) as well as a time that would work best for those of you interested in participating. I am always open to any and all suggestions Clash Tournament The upcoming Clash tournaments are scheduled for August 8th, 2020, August 9th, 2020, September 5th 2020, and September 6th, 2020...I am hoping to build at least one team for both weekends, but would not be opposed to building additional ODG teams depending on how many members are interested in participating in this tournament... Please feel free to message me on discord via the League of Legends chat or send me a DM if you are interested in being on one of the ODG Clash teams. Include your League of Legends ID/Name, and your desired lane of choice for the upcoming Clash tournaments in your message to me. I am hoping to get teams built by August 1st, 2020 so we can start running Rifts together on the client to prepare for the upcoming Clash tournament!! Membership If you would like to become a member of our squad or know someone that would be a good addition to our community please let me know or send them my way!!! These are some of the many events/fun Night's I have planned for us with more to look forward to in the future...I look forward to hearing from everyone, but until then have a wonderful day and see you all on the Rift or Abyss soon!!! P.S my Summoner name on League of Legends is Redops, and my discord info is Redops#5499 if you need to reach out to me in regards to any of these events or squad night's...I will also say it again... I am also interested in your suggestions, and ideas about future events, tournaments, and/or contest for the future!!! Sincerly, Warrant Officer 1 Redops(OD) ODG League of Legends Squad Leader
  6. It comes with great pleasure to announce that I have taken on the role of Squad Leader of League of Legends !!! If anyone is interested in joining our squad please visit the website and sign up to join our squad as we are looking to grow our squad with hopes of becoming a division. I am always open for suggestions, and hope to start planning events soon. Be on the lookout for Squad nights, and Clash Tournaments in the near future!!! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me on discord. I hope to see you on the Rift at some point!!! Sincerely, WO1 Redops (OD) Squad Leader of League of Legends
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