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  1. Preparing for Season 2 Good evening everyone I would like to host a streaming of The Mandalorian Season 1 prior to the release of Season 2 coming out on October 30th 2020. Please let me know who is interested in re-watching Season 1 with me this week, and I also plan to stream episodes of Season 2 as they come out weekly to watch with friends on here if there is any interest, Thanks so much in advance, and please let me know who might be intrested!!!!
  2. Good evening everyone I just wanted to remind you that our division night is tomorrow evening at 6:00 pm CST/7:00 pm EST. The plan is to meet up as usual in the Lobby voice channel of LOL at that time. Depending on how many people attend we will figure out what everyone is interested in doing. I also would like to have an LOL meeting soon to discuss the future of our division, and would love to hear some suggestions from our members on events with prizes that they would like to see happen in the LOL division. I would also like to see if anyone has any interest in taking on a few
  3. Good Afternoon LOL Members, It has been a while since I have put out any updates, but here I am once again back in action, and looking forward to getting back in the groove of setting up some fun in-house custom games soon enough!!! The Clash games are now over with the Ionia Cup coming to a close on September 6th, 2020...Team 1 had two 1st Place victory's, one 2nd place victory, and a third place win on the fourth, and final day of Clash. Team 2's debut was on Day 4 of the tournament, and despite not getting to really practice or play much together they managed to pull of a 2nd pl
  4. Weekly Updates Good Afternoon everyone, Chief Warrant Officer 4 @redops(OD) here with your weekly update!!! This week has been a pretty interesting week, as my co leader, and I have been pretty busy playing ranked solo/duo games together to get me ranked up, as well as, helping us to become better in lane with each other. I hope everyone has had a good week, and is looking forward to the weekend!!! Squad Night/Community Meeting (08/22/2020) Due to the community meeting this Saturday evening at 7pm CST / 8pm EST we have decided to push back the start time of
  5. I am definitely in my email address is rich.lacombe38@gmail.com
  6. Good Afternoon Everyone!!! I know I am 24 hours late in putting up my weekly forum post, but as they say it's better to be late than not post at all. I am still coming down from the excitement we had this past weekend in Clash...Day 1 (OD) took 2nd place, and returned to the rift on Day 2 to claim the Ionia Cup in the championship match!!! Our next Clash tournament is scheduled for September 5th, and 6th (Day 3/4) to defend our title as champions of the Ionia Cup!!!. Please let me know who is interested in being on the team next month. I also wanted to remind everyone that ton
  7. Good Afternoon OD Community, I just wanted to let everyone know that tonight is the first night of the Clash Tournament in League of Legends...The League of Legends Division has a team in the tournament for the weekend, and we will be live streaming the games. Please feel free to watch the stream this evening, as we compete for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place!!! All we ask is that you mute voice while in the channel watching the stream because the team will be communicating among each other during the tournament. Thanks in advance, and let us bring home the big Win for OD!!!
  8. Good Afternoon Everyone... Just a few quick announcements today, as I only have a few minutes to write this forum. Squad nights will be every Saturday night beginning at 6pm EST, except for this coming weekend... As we are currently preparing for Clash on 8/8, and 8/9 our Squad will be tomorrow evening 8/7 @ 6pm EST. Moving forward we will run our weekly Squad night's every Saturday evening starting around 6pm. I would like to focus on 5v5 normal custom tomorrow evening to help the OD Clash team prepare for our upcoming Clash tournament. So far we have one full team, but I'm open to building a
  9. Good Afternoon Everyone, Squad night this weekend is going to be Friday night instead of Saturday, because we will be too busy preparing for Clash happening Saturday evening, and Sunday Evening...Tomorrow night we will focus on running 5v5 in house Summoners Rift games. Hopefully we can have 5 others to play a few games against the OD Clash team!!!
  10. Happy Friday Everyone!!! I am so happy to see that we are continuing to grow as a squad, and becoming a Division once again!!! Don't forget that tonight is squad night at 6 pm est standard time, and we usually play until the wee hours of Saturday morning...so hop into the discord and log in to League and join us whenever you are available!!! I am also still wondering who is interested in playing clash next weekend? Please message me via discord that your interested along with lane you prefer to play...Let's represent OD and bring home a banner next weekend.
  11. Wow...I am still filled with excitement about how our first League of Legends squad night went last night so we decided to do another one this evening!!! If your interested in joining us for some ARAMS, Norms, or Nexus Blitz games connect to the Lobby Voice Ch. in the League of Legends section of our discord. I am currently in the voice ch. now, but was hoping to start squad night in about an hour or so...Hope to see you there!!! Sincerely, League of Legends Squad Leader WO1 Redops(OD)
  12. Thanks so much @Purplez(OD) for sharing this on the Facebook page!!! I am sending you a friend request right now @SpikeSpiegel(OD), and I am extremely looking forward to playing with you too @MelodicRose(OD)
  13. Thanks so much @Purplez(OD) for sharing it on facebook, and I will send you a friend request @Ganker(OD)
  14. Good Morning Everyone, A Warm Welcome I would like to start off by welcoming a few new recruits that are currently trial members awaiting membership into ODG to our League of Legends Squad...Let's all extend a warm welcome to JYanks9(OD), Joolzrose(OD), Keplin(OD), Slvrpheonix(OD), Team1Mate(OD), and last, but not least Zyrith(OD)!!! Squad Night I would like to start having a weekly Squad night either on Saturday's or Sunday's...Squad night's would start by us meeting up on the ODG Discord in the League of Legends voice Ch. titled LOBBY, and picking teams to p
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