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  1. I didn't like how dumb he was but I liked how Asta was very determined to keep working harder to achieve his goal so I kept watching and now i'm looking forward to each new episode weekly.
  2. Hey what's up ? My name is Dan and I have a very broad area of interests that range from drag racing, building muscle cars, grilling the best steaks in existence and a strong beard game. I love tattoos, harleys, boxing, looking like a viking, and all that manly stuff but with a big side of nerdy like gaming for 36 hours straight, going hard on the Diablo series, Path of Exile ( level 100 Juggernaught =D ) and last but not least, ARK. I also happen to watch anime like Black Clover, Trigun, Bleach, Naruto, etc and I love a great tv series and movies. I'm also from Canadia and If you want to know more just ask eh.
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