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  1. I know we're supposed to let there be a 2-day period, but I know you've been thinking about this for awhile now. So I don't think we need to give you an extra two days on top of the weeks you've been pondering over this decision. I think it's good that responsibility is relieved during this time. Besides if we ever need your advice or if you'd like to come in and game then that's fine. You've stated you will be around. This is something that requires more than an IA. So, I will perform the honor of disabling your account. Good luck Saline, and I hope that you recover from cancer. EDIT:
  2. Fixed to elaborate more. Yes I meant to say when the admin meeting is
  3. A Community Meeting will be hosted one day before the Admin Meeting that takes place on 9/19/21 The theme of this meeting is the evolution of OD. Please comment down below to pose questions about the status of OD and suggestions/concerns for the state of the clan. List of topics: TBD Please make sure to DM me if you have any questions.
  4. Officially, I have to agree with everyone else and give you the two days to reconsider your resignation. In that time period, you will retain your rank on the Forums and Discord. I'm sure it will give you enough time to think about things. Unofficially, this has been coming for awhile. Even if it hasn't been stated, you've been a busy man. You're out of school, got a nice well paying job, and have a decent trajectory in life. You're ready to take on the next step in your life, and I'm immensely proud of what you've accomplished. You've certainly made an impact, and people will remember you for providing hours of fun and entertainment. I'm certainly upset that this is so sudden, but I think this will be pretty easy to accept. All good things come to an end after all. This was never about the BM, but the time. Time is not something we have much of, and we must dedicate it as we see fit. Just hit me up whenever you wanna play Battlefield or Halo or whatever. I'll support whatever decision you make. You are very wise and I'm proud of you. Good luck
  5. 9 CST is pretty good for me. A little late, but surely should get many members on. No one should be working or doing much of anything at that time, so I think it's a great time. I'll get to making the thread now.
  6. Far more detailed than my post. Listen to this man, good advice here.
  7. Yes, I agree with Comp. The GPU will easily be your biggest drain. You ideally want to spend around $600 on this component with your budget, but that will need to increase. Thankfully, CPUs have broken the quad core barrier in regular consumer SKUs, and Ryzen is the leader in this front. I wonder if those first gen Threadrippers are still viable. You can seemingly pick a 1900X up for like $200, and that's an 8-core, 16 thread processor running at 3.8 GHz. The 3000 series and even 2000 series Ryzen processors are also very viable choices due to their price to performance As far as GPUs go, don't do anything worse than a higher end Pascal or Vega card if you're looking for your GPU to last for the next couple years or so. The GTX 1080 is easily the best deal I can think of. Great performance for near MSRP price that still holds up today in gaming. The 1080Ti tends to be more expensive but that's okay because that card will last another year or so past the 1080. Note that you will need to go onto eBay to even find a decent deal. DDR4 RAM is cheap now. Pick up two 8GB sticks and you're done, preferably over 2400Mhz but IDK how much RAM speed really affects your performance outside of a couple frames. Storage. Get an M.2 SSD with around 512 GB and a SATA3 1TB. Throw in a HDD with high capacity (2TB+) for older games. PSU. Don't skimp on this part. Take a look at the components you have in your cart and choose this piece last. Make sure it has at least 80+ Bronze rating and a wattage that suits your build. EVGA, Corsair, and SilverStone are great brands as far as I know. If you really need to install your older PC games go get a CD or DVD drive. You don't need to pay much for one. Any external one will do. I'd probably get a higher res monitor for the games you play over a higher refresh rate monitor. 60Hz is fine enough still. That's basically all I can think of other than Windows 10 prices are still a rip off.
  8. It’s okay. I think I’ll do it solo Saturday to figure out all that I need for a proper meeting in September. After that, I am definitely open to help so that things are efficient. Meetings will likely be hosted around 6-7 PM CST.
  9. I’ve learned from the Officer Meetings. Too much structure makes things far more complicated than they needed to be. Simply being courteous and allowing people to speak would do best in this setting.
  10. With Lightning gone (in some capacity as he's still hosting DnD sessions occasionally), and community meetings having not taken place since May, I figured it's time for someone to step in and continue the tradition. So I'll give it a shot. I don't know what a Community Meeting really consists of, other than people of any division and rank come together and just talk about the clan. I've only attended one, and it was for a brief time and it was awhile ago. So I'm going to give myself some time to really prepare a goal in mind for what the meetings should be but I might host a more informal meeting on the 21st. I'll give an update on whether or not I can make that soon (within the next few days) and communicate it in the Community Chat most likely. It will still be hosted on a Saturday, before an Admin Meeting. That way any concerns brought up within the Community Meeting can be addressed in the Admin Meeting, fresh in the mind of participants of both. I'll have a recording account ready to go, similar to CompFreak's Meeting Recorder. I would appreciate any advice on what I could improve from previous meetings outside of what I can gleam from meeting recordings already done.
  11. I think just about everyone here will miss you. I certainly will. It's rare to see people these days who truly care about clanning like you do. I wish you luck in the future, and hope that your mental health improves over time.
  12. Ooh, me too! I request a rank as well.
  13. Yay, it’s here! And it was worth the wait. Great job dude!
  14. The OD Battlefield Squad now has actual channels! We only have a text channel and voice channel so far, but we are ready to start accepting new members and organizing games. If you'd like to join, DM me and I'll add you to the squad and give you the Battlefield Squad, ASSEMBLE! role so you can be pinged for everything OD Battlefield. See you around!
  15. If you really want to get something going just recruit a bunch of elite players (12 year olds) on Pokemon Showdown. I don’t know what I’ll play to support this squad but I’ll keep watch to see where people go to. Loved the GBA/DS games back in the day, not opposed to giving it another go. The TCG would be an excellent option as I think you can play online.
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