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  1. Hello everyone! It's with pleasure that I announce a new form of OD Radio coming back to the clan. To my knowledge, the idea has been around for awhile going on and off, with talks recently to get it going again not quite materializing. So, @Morgandril(OD)and I have decided to revive the idea ourselves and it has been done! We recorded an episode today, and while we may be amateur we think that you guys will enjoy our first episode. If it's bad, then we will only strive to get better. The link to the recording will be up soon, hopefully by the end of the day. It will in
  2. Greetings everyone, especially Texans, It seems that the United States of America is facing a particularly brutal winter storm in the mid-south areas of the country. Normally, this would be fine, but because Texas leadership is Texas leadership we are experiences high rates of generator failure and pipes bursting en masse. Many are left without a home in some scenarios. This thread is to share support with each other and share our experiences during this time. Stay safe, and stay warm.
  3. When I joined OD to play Halo, I wanted a place where I could hang out and play customs. I made that the mission goal when I became a Division Admin, and our members stay for that reason. OD isn't about ranks or honor, it's about hanging out with friends and being a decent person all around. This is what I feel makes this community different from others. We aren't some mega clan who collects members like Pokemon, we actively try to keep them around. Sometimes we're successful and other times we aren't. But it's not a pure science. We can predict why people are going to stay, but we
  4. Today isn't the one year anniversary of this division, I know that, but the division is indeed one year old. It's crazy for someone like me who has been here since near the very beginning when it was just a squad and a few people playing casually in their spare time. I'd like to take some time to go over the history of this division and celebrate everyone who made it what it is today. January The beginning of everything. The squad is created on January 20th, 2020 JD gets some recruits from OD mostly and Raged gets a couple members from Halo Waypoint, including myself.
  5. Great post Geordie. This is the content I want to see!
  6. Typically our members get updates on Discord anyways. I guess we could use this thread for more structured discussion and pooling together interviews and blog posts.
  7. Hello everyone, and Happy New Year. This thread will be used to pool information about Perfect Dark coming to Xbox Series X/S and potentially PC and even Xbox One. To start with, here's the trailer. Seems to be a more serious take on the franchise compared to the admittedly campy original game and Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360. Lot's of solarpunk vibes, environmental disasters seem to be the story of the day rather than aliens and ancient civilizations, although I suspect the latter will be pretty involved in the story. Now for the juicy stuff. Potentially, Microso
  8. Of course, you have my full support and vote. That's undeniable, you've helped me get my bearings as a leader and figure out what needs to be done to run a division successfully. Halo is now the 2nd biggest division in the community (on paper. I couldn't tell you the true count of D3). That's no small feat with 55 members currently active, which makes up a large chunk of our community. The only thing I'd ask is what initiatives would you support to connect the divisions more as a greater community? This is something I and others have been pushing for recently with community events and Lig
  9. I feel like this project has stagnated. Would be good as a podcast series though, like bi-weekly or monthly sort of deal. Something more to get the wider community involved and learning about each other.
  10. I hear a lot of people railing on this map and I can see why, but this map on King is total chaos and I love it. An uncommon opinion for sure.
  11. On request of @Badboi(OD)from about a month ago, here's the best (in your opinion) map thread. It seems that when a community gets smaller, the more likely that community is to voice positive opinions. So I'll start on my favorite for each game: Halo CE: Wizard. A classic for anyone to be able to get into. Close tie with Chill Out. Halo 2: The best map in this game is not Lockout. That honor goes to Midship. But goddamn is it a great map. It can be one of the most varied maps or one of the most stalemate-prone. Depends on how you want to play. FFA is also baller on t
  12. Hello, It's been a hot minute (September I think) since I've spoken to you guys in this format. It's been awhile, and I wanted to take some time to really lay down the plans for the future and look at where we are as a Division and what the plan is going forward for 2021. This post will be divided up into two main sections: the present and the future. They're pretty self explanatory so I won't get too much into it. Also, before we begin I'd like to say how proud of everyone I am for basically taking over this division while I focused on school a ton. You guys are the so
  13. I think I'm going to step forth and revive this thread, because 1. we have a Halo Division and 2. Infinite has a new release date: Fall 2021. The latest blog post: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/inside-infinite-december-2020
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