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  1. @Geordie(OD) A detailed list of instructions on how to submit your map will come soon. Once that's up, if anyone has any questions dealing with the submission process just DM me on Discord. Also, thank you @Purplez(OD). Been meaning to bring that up and I probably should've done it sooner lol.
  2. I never knew you well, as I really only stuck within the Halo Division within the grand scheme of OD, but I did poke around the clan enough to know that you were a great figure in the community. A true pillar, You will be missed by many here including me. Best of luck to you. Family is the one thing that we should keep close to us as much as possible.
  3. Hello everyone! I hope you're having a good day so far and are in the mood for some forging in Halo, because there's been some real interest in the clan recently in Forging. So, I've decided to throw a little contest for everyone to participate in, and be accessible no matter your skill level in Forging. Information Your goal is to create the best 1v1 map you possibly can in Halo 2 Anniversary's Forge mode. Your map must support a Slayer gametype. (This doesn't mean it has to be BR starts). Approved Canvases: Skyward, Awash, Nebula Your map will be judged on Gameplay, Aesthetic, and Creativity. More detail about these three categories below. Deadline is October 31st, 2020. Submissions will be through mega.nz. Export your .mvar file from your AppData > MCC folder. Place the link in this thread. Judging Gameplay: How well does the map play? Does it offer ample opportunities for player choice and decision throughout the whole map? Are the weapons on the map fairly balanced, if any are on the map? Is the starting weapon too powerful or too weak? These questions and more will be considered when judging the gameplay of the map Aesthetic: How good does the map look? Halo 2: Anniversary only has concrete blocks and walls for basic building blocks, but how are you able to take that and make it look good and unique (and possibly a completely different texture). If nature prefabs are used then do they add to the map or make it look tacky? Bring out your inner artist here. Creativity: How unique is the map? This is a very different thing from Aesthetic. A map can look good but play like twenty other maps. Surprise me with your layout and make it fun. A box with a central structure in the middle with some platforms on the outside might play well but isn't exactly unique. Go crazy! Judging will be handled by myself and @Jenkinns523(OD) Your goal should be to strike a great balance between these three. Prizes 1st Place: $25 Steam Gift Card with a set rank and medal 2nd and 3rd Place: $10 Steam Gift Card with a set rank and medal Good luck!
  4. Hello everyone! I hope you find yourselves well. I wanted to take the time to update people on some new changes in the Division so going forward everyone is on the same page. Update on Leadership As of 8/27, there has been a change in the leadership of the Halo Division. Here is the current roster. Zakspeeeed(OD) - Division Leader SprucePumpkin01(OD) - Division Co-Leader JD(OD) - Advisory Administrator Please welcome Spruce in his new role as Co-Lead! He's been super active on Discord and is always interacting with members of the division despite not even having access to a machine to play Halo. Just overall really helpful with getting people in the division and everything. Certainly a deserved spot. I will also point out that @Raged(OD) has returned from hiatus, but I think everyone knows already. If us three leaders aren't around do not hesitate to ask him any questions. He's a very helpful member as well! New Recruitment Process For those who don't want to take the time to go on recruitment channels and stay on top of your posts and maybe just want to get a friend in easy, we have a solution for you. Hell, even current active recruiters will find a lot to love about our new welcome post. The welcome post has been proposed by @Tris(OD) for awhile now, and with good reason. These posts act as one-stop shops for new people and current members. What our mission as a division is, how to join, current leadership, a link to the Discord, etc. So I figured I'd adopt one ASAP and make everyone's lives a little easier. Modern Halo clans tend to still have a manual recruitment process, but ours is longer than others because we have our own website and everything. This is a step towards automated recruiting, where people who have interest are not stopped from joining on their own accord. For active recruiters, please structure your copy-paste messages around this new welcome thread. You can still say the normal "this is who we are" thing at the beginning of your posts, but instead of asking for a DM drop this link instead. But know this, and know it well. This means that recruits can simply skip talking to recruiters and recruiters can't judge people before they sign up. So, when any of you see a new person in chat, help us out and play a game with them. Keep our community safe and friendly by simply playing with others and making sure there's no conflict or BM members leaking into Overdosed. Events in September Well the dreadful time has come for many. School is back in session across the world, whether it be University, College, High School, or even Middle School. Us "yungins" all of a sudden don't have as much free time on our hands. I cannot run events by myself anymore due to a combination of having a heavy workload and plain burnout. But you can. I will announce details for a new Forge competition soon. I've been talking about it and having an opportunity like that for our members is something everyone can benefit from. But, as far as scheduled game nights go I can't commit to every Saturday afternoon anymore, so I encourage you to start your own events. There are no restrictions for events in Overdosed. Anyone can schedule a game night or matchmaking session. If you're a fully fledged member of OD go ahead and use that ping to let everyone know that, "Hey! I'm going to be on at Friday night at this time. Who wants to do some custom games/queue for competitive playlists/whatever?" If you want to take initiative as a community member, this is your chance. Use it. Conclusion I want to take a quick moment to thank everyone for sticking around in Overdosed. Despite only being a few months old (we started in January folks!) we've literally seen other clans rise and fall. It's absolutely amazing how we've lasted as long as we have in the volatile clan community and we couldn't have done it without all y'all. I'm so proud that I have the opportunity to keep pushing a community I love forward into the future. It's only going to get harder from here though. Infinite got delayed, MCC is wrapping up its released, and the population is still not where we need it to be. We need to keep pushing until Infinite comes out, so invite your friends to have a good time with us. We should be one of these community servers that have been popping up with the option to join the clan associated with it. There is absolutely something special here, and I want everyone to be able to know that too. Thank you for listening, Zakspeeeed(OD)
  5. Hello there! My name is Zakspeeeed(OD), and welcome to the Halo Division of Overdosed Gaming. Our priority here is our members having a good time on their terms, instead of having to dedicate themselves forcefully to grinding out competitive ranks or doing army RP like some other clans do. There’s nothing wrong with either of those, but they are not the focus of this division. We like to hang out casually and just play Halo how we like, whether it be scheduled custom game nights, playing some BTB, or queuing some ranked matches and getting a little sweaty. The most important thing here is having fun, because if you're not having fun playing the game why play at all. Typically we do most of our division-wide activities on Saturdays, and the schedules are announced here on the forums. Other events will also be mentioned in these posts, and act sort of like news blogs on what's all going on in the division and how you can prepare for those events. If you can't show up to events, then you can always try to find people to game with you in the clan by simply typing @Halo Squad, ASSEMBLE! in chat as a fully-fledged member and everyone in the division will be pinged, making it convenient to find games. If all of this sounds great to you, then that's awesome! We appreciate your interest in joining the clan greatly, but before you do let's go over a few things first. Division Leaders Zakspeeeed(OD) - Division Leader SprucePumpkin01(OD) - Division Co-Lead Raged(OD) - Division Co-Lead JD(OD) - Advisory Administrator If you have any questions about the clan, please ping us three and we will be able to help you with your questions. To Join the Clan 1. Go to overdosed.net by typing it in your browser or clicking on Overdosed Community at the top of the forums page. 2. Click on the Register button. 3. You will come to this page. Fill out the info in each box and for “Recruiter” select Zakspeeeed(OD) or if otherwise stated by your recruiter or recruitment source use that name instead. (At the moment it could be Raged(OD), JD(OD) or SprucePumpkin01(OD). 4. Click “Apply”, then join the Discord here https://discord.gg/QP57wVh Ping me or one of the recruiters above (depending on which one you picked) in chat and they will approve you when they can. 5. Congratulations! You're now a member of OD! The Rules 1. Members of the division will show respect to players while in game. No BM Will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to. (unnecessary trash talk, purposely betraying team members, throwing games) 1.a. This does not mean high spirited banter is not allowed. We understand we’re all gamers and sometimes we say things in the heat of the moment. But regular behavior of this kind will not be tolerated. 1.b.This rules does NOT cover Halo’s AI(e.g. jackals, brutes etc...) You will not be punished for “teabagging” a brute after rightfully murdering them. 1.c.This does not mean we can throw bigoted or racially charged language at AI. If a member is comfortable using that language flippantly it is a cause for concern. 2. Using any language that is of Racial or Bigoted nature will not be tolerated in any manner. This is both towards members, guests or general halo players. 3. All members will be required to have "overdosed.net" as their clan tag. 4. Any guest playing with the community will be held to the same standards as our members. 4.a. If the guest fails to abide by these rules/standards, and was explicitly invited by a member of the Halo community, that member will temporarily lose their ability to invite members for the duration of the guests punishment. 5. Please be mindful of your DSL (Days Since Login) to keep your account on the site active. This way we can properly track everyone who is in the division at any point in time. Here is a guide on how to reset your DSL. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day, and once again welcome to Halo OD. We really do appreciate you being here. See you in the channel, Zakspeeeed(OD)
  6. Requesting Officer rank. Just got promoted.
  7. Yeah it's my only character. Played for a bit shortly after PC launch and put it down. It's very overwhelming, but the game basically boils down to doing client orders in the early game. Do Afin and Cofy's stuff. Look up guides on how to level your mag too so you don't mess it up. It's expensive if you do. I had a neat google sheet lying around with the best skill trees at the time and I don't think the game has gotten Chapter 4 yet so I think they're still good.
  8. I might be down to return. Let me know how you guys are coming along and I'll log on to play. User is Zakspeeeed and I'm a level 55 Bo/Hu.
  9. Used the ARKS Layer launcher when I played it. It's really fun and I might just get back into it. There was interest when I posted about PSO2 but the client was horrible and using the third party one is pretty user unfriendly.
  10. Hi! Welcome to OD. I'm Zakspeeed, the Division Leader for Halo. I can handle your recruitment so you can start gaming with us. Add me at JKTwice#0437 on Discord so I can help you along and get you set up.
  11. Zakspeeeed(OD)

    Division Rules

    Edit: By popular request teabagging will be allowed. This is generally viewed as apart of the culture and not very toxic compared to how it was viewed years ago. However, more traditional examples of BM will continue to be punished. Don't be a dick.
  12. Hello everyone, Lately we've been getting plenty of recruits, and that's great! The recruits we have now are quite active, but aren't resetting their DSL. So, I've decided to make a little guide on the best ways you can reset your DSL and how to make it a lot more convenient. Bookmark the home page. This is pretty easy to do, as it just involves you going to the website and clicking a star in the top right portion of the browser that you're using. You're also placing a sort of reminder for yourself by doing this, and eventually it becomes habit. Save your account and password to a browser's keychain. This way you don't have to type in everything when logging into your account. On top of that, click the "Remember Me?" box. If you click on the bookmark you made in the first suggestion then you will reset your DSL, making it so you never have to click Log In at all. (For Enlisted and up only) When you are a full-fledged member of OD, you can now access your console and link your account to Discord. To do this, first on the overdosed.net home page click on "Console" at the top of the page. Next, click on Third-Party Integrations and click on Link Discord. After that you will be prompted to sign into Discord. Doing so will link your account to the webpage, making it so that whenever you type something into the Overdosed Discord you're marked with 0 DSL. Hopefully, this makes things a bit easier. DSL sounds like it's a big hassle, but in actuality it only takes maybe a second to log in and reset your DSL. Keep that DSL low, and Happy Gaming, Zakspeeed(OD)
  13. I know I already said hello in the Discord but I want to take another opportunity to say welcome back. Take your time getting back into the swing of things and don't overstress yourself. We'll all be here for you.
  14. Hello everyone! Welcome back to OD Halo events. I don't know how much you missed these but considering the way activity is going I think people need something to get excited about again. For those who just want the schedule, here it is below: 7/4 - Happy 4th of July! No event 7/7 - Bungie Day. BTB Matchmaking, All Games @ 8:00 PM CST (9:00 PM EST) 7/11 - Custom Games, Halo Reach @ 2:00 PM CST (3:00 PM EST) 7/14 - Halo 3 Launch Party. TBD 7/18 - Custom Games, Halo Reach and Halo 3 @ 2:00 PM CST (3:00 PM EST) 7/20 to 7/27 - Xbox Summer Game Fest w/ Halo Infinite news 7/25 - BTB Matchmaking, All Games @ 2:00 PM CST (3:00 PM EST) 8/1 - Custom Games, Halo Reach and Halo 3 @ 2:00 PM CST (3:00 PM EST) With that out of the way, lets get down to the real meat of this month's article, where I'll talk about Halo 3 and how I will handle people joining lobbies from now on. Halo 3 Launch Party At this moment, there is currently not a launch date for Halo 3 , but I'm betting it will be at least before August comes. There is now a confirmed release date of 7/14 @ 10:00 AM PST. Halo 3 contains a lot of the same custom games that you may be familiar with in Halo Reach, such as Duck Hunt and Demolition Derby. Halo 3 is an overall much more casual game than CE and 2, so I expect that we will be gaining many more members who will want to experience custom games and dicking about once more, which is our bread and butter at Overdosed. So no need to fear, this lull in activity will be over soon enough. I highly doubt this division will die before Halo 3 launches, and even before Infinite launches. (Please 343 bring some good gameplay footage to Xbox 20/20. We are starving at this point). Hopefully the download process for H3 goes over much more smoothly than H2's did, because that was a literal nightmare. Halobase.net From now on, all players will be joining via halobase.net instead of me having to ask what your gamertag is and hoping the invite goes through. If you are on the Steam platform, joining our events is much more convenient than it was before. All you have to do is go to this website (halobase.net) and click on my game which will have Overdosed in the title so it's easy to pick out from other servers. There will be green text in the bottom right corner of the server invite with the steam logo next to it. Clicking on it will put you into my custom games/matchmaking/campaign lobby and you will be good to go. For those on the Microsoft Store platform, simply go in-game, click on your nameplate or the square friends icon in the top right corner, and use the Find Player function to join my game. It will be set to be an open lobby. This system also makes inviting your friends or people from the Halo Discord much easier as they do not have to hunt down my Gamertag by swapping Discord messages. They can click on an invite link. Conclusion Well, that's about all I got for you guys this time around. July will hopefully be a prosperous month for not only Overdosed Gaming, but also Halo as a whole. What's good for Halo is good for us, and Halo 3 seems to be that ticket that can carry our division to new heights. So, I'll see you all at the events and hope that you all have a wonder rest of the 4th of July (and hopefully you're also practicing social distancing). Take care, Zakspeeed(OD)
  15. Saw a video on this yesterday. I mean, if you’re getting chaffing and infections that’s your fault for not taking care properly.
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