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  1. I’d say this should be integrated with our division pages. Let people know who the division leader is so they can get in contact with them easily. Also replace AIM with Discord username (with the #). Few people actually use AIM and it can still be listed on a profile if the member so wishes to have it there. The goal should be to consolidate information so it’s easy to find. We don’t need a separate page for this, and I agree with Blind that this should be a new website addition, along with making significant changes to navigation to make it easier for new people. The c
  2. This is the whole reason I made the thread, and yet this still turned into a conversation on whether or not someone dropping -15 or -20 is in the right. I hesitate to comment but I have to reiterate since this is a General Discussion thread. Please talk to your members about the voting system leadership. This should be a concerted effort to curb that kind of behavior prevalent on previous promotions.
  3. I’m a little disappointed that more Warrant Officers didn’t jump in to give their piece. Makes me wonder of the actual importance of the issue. I think after this we should focus on making more localized efforts to change current friction on negative votes. Anything that needs to be said has probably been said.
  4. The negative vote doesn't look nice at first glance. It's in red text that contrasts the black and blue background, looks longer than your typical positive vote, and literally says "DENIED" in all caps. Negative votes get a lot of flak from members in the community because they seem to discourage people. The size of them compared to positive votes gives off the impression that someone feels very strongly about another member not passing. But this is not the purpose of negative voting. The actual purpose is to offer a platform for any member to voice concerns and offer constructive criticism to
  5. I see that there's nothing that can possibly go wrong with this squad. Personally, I don't see a reason to expand the politics channel beyond what it already is at. No one really joins OD to debate other people about real world issues. Would be funny if it was SOTM though.
  6. @CompFreak(OD) @Terra @MelodicRose(OD) @LightningWolves(OD) Thank you for your comments and support. I am very grateful of them and will continue to evaluate my performance in the future.
  7. Hi Kait! Thanks for asking your questions. Hopefully my answers are adequate. I've already put some plans into place in case I go IA, which is to delegate one of the Senior Officers (either Geordie or Jenkinns) as a temporary lead until I come back and set forth a game plan for the times ahead so we can continue to progress the division. Everyone in leadership is really comfortable with the niche that they cover, and we're all generally experienced enough that we can do double duty if needed. I have full confidence in my leadership team that they can carry on Halo and allow the divisio
  8. I don't have any insight that would make me doubt your position as a Commander. Right now, we have a solid line up of people in that position and I think on the community side of things you do a great job engaging with other members within the community. I think you'll keep all of your stars here for sure. My only question would be what does a typical month consist of for you as a Commander?
  9. If there’s one thing I learned from this recent stint of drama is that it can be irresistible sometimes. I love it and hate it at the same time. To me, drama is interesting but I want it to end as soon as possible lest it consume everyone’s time and energy like a black hole. This whole period of time told me that I need to refocus on what’s important in this community: the community. Now I know that’s a lame answer and very vague, but I’m specifically talking about the Enlisted-base. Interacting with these people is the best part for me, so why disengage from it? Recently th
  10. I mean, as far as I know most people who don’t follow the Phase 1 start date have asked their questions. Eventually people will come back and drop their questions and stuff.
  11. Thank you Purplez! I'm glad that I'm making an impact here in a good way. I'm not sure if there was more I could've done in the moment. Jurr(OD) is an example that stands out to me as I actively tried to engage him in the division but ultimately he just lost interest. I feel that it was like this for many different recruits that we had in Halo around that time, we just didn't engage them enough for them to stick around because there wasn't much to do. Spruce and Raged have been on a tour de force in terms of recruiting though in the recent months while me and the others f
  12. Before we go into the actual questions, I just want to readdress the whole college thing. In three months, I will be taking the next step of my life. That's three months to get settled into my role as a Brigadier General. Granted that wouldn't be the only thing I'd be doing over the summer, but a summer job in my opinion is not as strenuous as schoolwork. Besides, I've had to already manage my time throughout my high school years and I'm only going to get better at it. I'm taking high-level courses in school, I have a pretty good idea of what the courseload is going to look like, and I wouldn'
  13. It would be a grave mistake not to have this man in leadership. He's already doing great work in the web development part of OverDosed, AND he's running the WoW division along with mentoring new people. +1 on Phase 2. Outstanding member, good speaking skills, dedicated to what he does.
  14. Thank you Lightning for asking your questions. I swear I will get to them soon, after the Officer Meeting. There are seven of them you know. Skooma's took me a good 45 minutes to respond to. Thank you Geordie for deciding to drop by with questions, Definitely going with a Gaming General approach. After all, that's kind of what I am already doing in a sense. In fact I fill out a good chunk of the responsibilities already expected of a Brigadier General. That doesn't mean I will be uninterested in administrative level stuff. The reason I want to be a General is so I
  15. Hi Rick! Thank you for commenting on my eval. I'll answer your questions the best I can. The community! The people here are the friendliest I have ever encountered during my years of online gaming, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I thought Team Fortress 2 was friendly, but OD has been nothing but welcoming and accepting of new players. The Halo division has become a home on the Internet for me, and for that reason I wanted to give back more and more as I spent more time in the clan. Without people like Jenkinns, Geordie, JD, Raged, etc. I wouldn't have stuck around. Our
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