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  1. You can get the game off the Microsoft Store on PC or in the Xbox Dashboard on Xbox. The game is cross platform as MERCIA has said.
  2. Some extra information: You can get the game for free on the Microsoft Store and then download in the Xbox (Beta) app on PC. Using a friend referral code will grant you an ARKS White Badge. Turn it in to a specific NPC to turn it into a Blue Badge that you can exchange for items in the Shopping Plaza. There's multiple classes to play, and you can change class at any time. Leveling is fairly fast so far, as long as you do your Main Quests and Client Orders (Bounties). If you have trouble installing the game, then use the PSO2 Tweaker here. Works for both JP and NA versions. (I play on the NA servers). There's plenty of tutorials in game and on the Internet to help explain the various mechanics in the game. The endgame is not loot, but fashion. People who like decorating their character in games like Destiny, WoW, and TF2 will have a lot to love here in customization.
  3. Also, if you do decide to join, then use this information for the Friend Referral system. You get some free items for doing so. Your friend's Ship: Ship 02: Ur Your friend's Player ID: 10765404
  4. Is anyone interested in playing this? It's free-to-play with a (very) optional premium membership and seems to have a wealth of content with a fairly high skill ceiling. It focuses on characters doing as much damage as physically possible, and the artstyle is so cool! I play on Ship 2: Ur, so if anyone is interested in playing with me just give me a shout.
  5. I’d be interested in this. Interaction in the community is always good, and right now I rarely hear from people outside of my division.
  6. Facts and Questions What time is the event going to be at? This will take place on May 31st starting at 8:30 PM CST and run throughout the night. If we end quickly, we will take a vote on whether to do another Conquest with randomized teams again or custom games. What game(s) do I need to have to play this? You will need a copy of Halo 2 for the Master Chief Collection. You can buy it on Steam and the Microsoft Store's digital stores for $9.99, not including tax. The download is approximately 30 GB with the campaign and multiplayer combined. Where do I sign up? You can sign up here. Log into a valid Google account (as you can only answer this form once) and leave your gamertag. Please make sure that you are able to commit to the time slot for at least an hour. This is necessary as we want to ensure fair and balanced teams so everyone can enjoy themselves without stomping due to players not showing. What is Conquest? Conquest is a multi-map experience that depicts an epic struggle between two teams; one with Spartans and one with Elites, across multiple maps in a push-pull style of progression. There’s two sizes of Conquest; Big Team and Small Team Conquest. For a Big Team, each team is made up of 6-8 players and their goals will vary from map to map. The maps are all BTB maps that can support 8v8 format of all types. Small Team Conquest only requires 6-10 players. These follow the same format as the Big Team Conquest. This gamemode has a tinge of competitiveness to it, but overall is meant to be a casual laid back experience that anyone can join! How do teams work? The two teams, Spartans and Elites, have very little differences between them in terms of playstyle, unless you are playing Reach with their regenerating health. They both spawn with the same weapons, the Battle Rifle/DMR and the SMG/Assault Rifle. Teams are randomized, so if you wish to participate you must sign up via the Google Form here. No walk-ins. The deadline is May 30th. That gives you about two and a half days to sign up, but don’t worry as it’s a super quick process. Teams will be organized on the 31st. What are the default weapons? The default weapons for both teams are Battle Rifles and SMGs. I don’t believe it’s possible for the Covenant to spawn with their own weapons unless the game is set to default weapon sets. Plus, the Battle Rifle is a much more versatile weapon than the Carbine, and having both teams spawn with the same weapons ensures better balance in the end. What if we don't have 16 players? We can do with at least 12 for BTB, but in case we have a count lower than that, there is the alternative Small Team Conquest with the following map pool: Spartan Final: Turf Spartan 2nd: Elongation Neutral: Beaver Creek Elite 2nd: Midship Elite Final: Gemini The Flow General Information There are five maps in a Conquest, and each map follows a formula of what game types are featured. For context, here is the roadmap the teams are required to follow. The color of the arrows represents the teams’ progression throughout the flowchart. A red arrow in the blue section means the Spartans are on the offensive, and vice versa. Spartan Final <----> Spartan 2nd <----> Neutral <----> Elite 2nd <----> Elite Final Neutral: A Slayer match to 50 or 100 points depending on the team size. First to reach that limit within 15 minutes or whoever has the most amount of points when the time runs out wins the game. 2nd Map: A multi-bomb Assault match to 2 points. Carry your teams bomb to the enemy’s base while defending your own base. First to reach 2 within 8 minutes is the victor. Final Map: A One Flag match to 1 cap. The offensive team only has 4 minutes to cap the flag. If the offensive team wins, the Conquest ends in favor of the offensive team. If the defense wins, then they will be able to come back by winning the 2nd map. Tiebreaker: Tiebreakers are in effect whenever the conditions of victory aren’t met in the Neutral or 2nd maps. This will consist of a sudden death round with the standard weapon set. Map List Spartan Final: Terminal Terminal is a One Flag/Bomb-tailored map, due to its heavily asymmetrical nature. The Spartans spawn by a Wraith while the Elites spawn by Rockets, a Sword, and Sniper. The train going through the middle of the map and the main choke point is the least of the Elites’ worries compared to the Wraith. The Wraith is essential to victory on this map, as it can lock down choke-points very easily. However, the Elites have many different pathways to get to the flag, which has ample cover for the attacking team to use. This, along with multiple paths to take makes it important that the Spartans spread out somewhat to create a line and keep the Rockets player from getting two deadly shots on the Wraith. Spartan 2nd: District District lends itself well to One Flag/Bomb, but possibly even better to double defense game modes. The two bases on the map, the parking garage and house, both offer unique challenges in long-range and close-quarters combat respectively. The Garage is fairly open, leaving people spawning there exposed to snipers, which can be found littered around the map (one in the mid alleyways and the other two in each base). Meanwhile, the house is prone to being spammed with grenades, but this disadvantage can be turned around as an advantage due to the convenient shotgun placed in there. Overall, the two teams must control the surrounding area rather than strictly their base to be able to stage attacks on the other and win. Neutral: Coagulation The classic Halo map, Coagulation is a remake of Blood Gulch from Halo CE and adopts simple map design philosophy. The two teams are given a set of weapons: A sniper, shotgun, Banshee, and powerups, and are told to use those weapons in the most effective way possible to help your team. Meanwhile, a lone rocket launcher with extra rockets by each team’s portal serves as something to fight over to control the airspace. The key to victory here is controlling the two towers at each end of the valley, which offer excellent vantage points for players to snipe their opponents with precision weapons, but in return are incredibly exposed positions. Elite 2nd: Waterworks This is also a symmetrical map like Coagulation, and has many similarities. However, there are different aspects in the map to fight over, and additional cover spread throughout the map as to not leave the bomb runner exposed. Two Banshees, one on each side, will need to fight to control airspace to cover their bomb runner. Players are encouraged to circle the map instead of run straight forwards. There's also a sniper tower in the middle of the map to provide cover for your allies. Use the Warthogs and Spectres to your advantage, and your team will emerge victorious. Elite Final: Uplift In Uplift, the defending team is exposed in a similar fashion. But instead of controlling power weapons, vehicle control is far more important. Yes, there is a sniper rifle and rockets on the map, but the entirety of the underside of the bridge is a vehicle playground for either team to control. Turret and Gauss Hogs are vital to victory here, as without them your flag runner may not stand a chance no matter where they go. The central bridge, meanwhile, provides a great route for infantry to do battle with the defense, and even provide the flag runner an epic run like this one. A Final Word... I just want to say for the past few months, thank you for coming to these events. It really means a lot to me that people are not only showing up, but are having a good time. Unfortunately, and understandably, not everyone can show up to these events and now we're finding our player base is shrinking. We're struggling to hit 8 players this month in May, and the May Schedule has seen only 90 views compared to the 200+ that we've gotten in the past two months. I'm glad that you're enjoying these events, but if you want them to keep going then please show up, even if it's only for just a game or two. Conquest is different because it's supposed to be balanced, but all we really do in the custom events are bullshit and hang out while playing some cool minigames. You don't have to be there for the entire thing, but just dropping by shows me that you and others are interested and want these events to not only keep happening but also to grow into cool ideas like this. I hope to see you there, and have a great rest of your day, Zakspeeed(OD)
  7. General Schedule May 9h May 10th @ 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM - Custom Gamemodes (All Games) (Happy Mother's Day!) May 12th (Time Here) - Halo 2 Anniversary Launch Party May 23rd @ 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM - Custom Gamemodes (All Games) May 30th-31st - Overdosed Conquest: Halo 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! I hope everyone finds themselves well. The events that ran last month were slightly less successful, I will admit. The first event we officially had fell on Easter weekend, and lower attendance was to be expected. Modded events got axed entirely, because no one wants to fiddle around with their files (and mods aren’t really compatible with the Microsoft Store version of the game either). So, we’re switching gears. Now, the standard Custom Gamemodes event takes up both Community Gamemodes and Forge Gamemodes, giving us a wider variety of gametypes to choose from. Also, the release of Halo 2 will give us even more content to work with! However, the success of the recent raid we had with the 19th ODST Division really showed me what kind of content people are truly interested in, a subject that I’ll get to later. Thank you to all of you that either expressed interest and signed up and or were able to show up. We had 12+ people sign up for this event! Unfortunately, only 8 were able to play, but I’m not sure if those who were left out missed out on a whole bunch. We can be the best players in the game, but not a whole lot can defeat skewed map design. Also, the Events Team has been given a rework. It’s smaller, but more dedicated. Members include myself, JD, and the newest member @Morgandril(OD). With this new team, we will be able to operate not only together on new and creative events for you guys to participate in, but also separately in case one or two of us is unable to commit themselves to the events for the month. Overall, we will be more flexible, and be able to deliver consistent experiences for everyone and even pull in some new members along the way. Anyways, let’s not waste any more time and get on with the schedule. May 10th @ 8:00-10:00 PM CST & May 23rd @ 2:00-4:00 PM CST - Custom Gamemodes (All Games) As mentioned above, Community Gamemodes and Forge Gamemodes are being merged into one singular event type, because events usually ended up turning into a mesh of both anyways. Advertising it like this is more consistent with the actual experience people will get with this game. Also, since the 10th is Mother's Day, the event will be held at a later time. So go out and enjoy your time indoors with the family! I won't be hurt too much if you can't show. However, there is new information nonetheless with the release of Halo 2. There are not only unique gamemodes associated with Halo 2 Classic, such as Zombies, Tower of Power, Predator, among others, but Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer features its own Forge mode, with different sandboxes to forge in. This means that there are even more Forge minigames for us to play! One more thing before we move onto our next event type. I’ve heard plenty of people say in OD that they would play Invasion more often if it was a Social Gametype instead of something in the Competitive Gametypes. So, I encourage you to stop on by, because I have a lot of new Invasion maps that I and others at the Competitive Team would love to try out. Usually, with smaller players they don’t play well. But, with more players, maybe Invasion can be a new staple... May 12th @ 10:00 PM CST - Halo 2 Launch Party! Morgandril has decided he will be the one to lead this event. It’s Halo 2, what is there not to love? The time for the game to actually release is uncertain, but we will assume a midnight launch. Thank you to @Jenkinns523(OD) for forwarding me the official launch of the game. Reminds me of waiting in line at GameStop. The event will be held all day, but Morgandril will host custom gamemodes for people to play starting at precisely 10 PM CST, or 8 PM PST as stated on ske7tch's twitter. Before that, it's anyone's game. If you want some early Halo 2 action, check out Project Cartographer here! However, the servers will not be as full there as Halo 2 MCC will be. This will be typical Spartan vs. Elite action on a variety of maps. Please make sure to clarify whether you prefer to play as a Spartan or an Elite to Morgan before you join a team. If the teams are unbalanced, then players will volunteer to move to one side or the other. From Lockout and Zanzibar, to Foundation and Beaver Creek, there will be a map for just about every playstyle. Also included in the MCC release are two maps not seen in Vista: Tombstone and Desolation. Tombstone is a remake of Hang Em’ High, and plays perfectly with Snipers and Rockets gametypes. Desolation is a remake of Derelict except ten times better, condensing in size to fit Halo 2’s new sandbox. The aim of the game is to still control the top level, but there are now more ways to get to the top level from the outside of the map, allowing the team stuck below to have a much better chance of taking that territory. I hope to see you all there on launch day. I’ll be playing along as well, but don’t expect me to host anything. This is all Morgan’s event, so please direct questions towards him if you have any. He should be able to tell you what kind of things to expect when the day comes on the 12th. Now, onto my special treat for y’all. I think everyone will be quite excited for this next event. May 30th-31st - Halo 2 OD Conquest So, this is the big daddy of them all. The event that I’ve teased to a few people who came to the raid we had recently with the 19th ODST Division (thank you all again to those who expressed interest and/or showed up). We all love Big Team Battle, and I mean LOVE it. It’s the standard go-to gamemode for everyone looking to pick up a quick match at OD. So, I figured I’d design an event around that interest. The result is Conquest, an 8v8 semi-competitive experience just for OD, and hosted only within OD. OD Conquest derives from Galactic Conquest, a gamemode in Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005), where your team representing either the Galactic Republic or the Confederacy of Independent Systems wages war across the galaxy over many different maps in a push and pull-type scenario. OD Conquest is just that but for Halo 2, with the various Big Team Battle maps the game has. Five will be used for this event, and they represent different points either team holds. The two teams will either be Spartans or Elites, and unlike Reach these two species play mostly the same with the exception of slightly different hitboxes. One full Conquest match is really a series, and theoretically could go on forever due to the win conditions required. A team must be able to take control of the following roadmap: Spartan Final ---> Spartan 2nd ---> Neutral <--- Elite 2nd <--- Elite Final The Neutral point will be a regular Slayer match to 100 kills. If the game ends in a draw, then we will go to Sudden Death and move on. The 2nd Point is a Multi-Bomb Assault match to one point with a 6 minute time limit. You must be fast, yet methodical, in order to secure your team’s victory. Draws will result in another Slayer match, but this time to 50 points. The Final point is an epic One Flag match with a time limit of 6 minutes as well. One cap will secure the game for the offensive team, while only a successful defense is required for the defending team to win. The odds are stacked against the attackers, but with proper strategy and tight gunplay they will emerge victorious. If the victor cannot be determined in a timely manner (IE: An hour or more long Conquest), then the result will be a Slayer match to 100 kills on either side. If a Conquest ends in a clear steamroll, or we have a lot of time leftover, we will shuffle the teams and start a new Conquest. More specific details will be covered in a separate post coming soon! Conclusion Halo 2 is coming out boys! Now is the chance to gain some new members and try some new activities. Expanding the scope of events to support 16+ players consistently is the goal here, and I expect there to be a mass influx of new players coming to play Halo 2. So, keep healthy and keep social distancing, no matter how tempting businesses opening at the moment seem. It’s still not completely safe to go outside, especially in Washington. Oh boy those killer bees are something else. Thankfully, games allow us the ability to interact with our friends in a meaningful manner so we don’t go completely insane. Stay safe and stay strong, Zakspeeed(OD) and the Events Team <Click here to view the calendar>
  8. You can also get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as a subscription and get it for free then. But you don’t need a XBL Gold subscription to play online anyways so I don’t recommend it.
  9. All that stuff about building immunity is complete nonsense. Pretty sure it has been proven that you can catch it twice. It all comes down to helping your immune system fight it and not overheat the body.
  10. Hello everyone. I come to you all in great need of your assistance. I didn't want to get involved in activities like this yet, but it seems that we are obligated as a clan to commit to a raid with the 19th ODST Division. These people are a Halo Reach military clan who approached us to organize a raid and we accepted. So, next week will not have a regular event like Forge Gamemodes. Instead, the week will be spent preparing ourselves for this raid. This IS a competitive experience, so if you aren't comfortable with competitive gamemodes in Halo then that is fine. There are other things you can do still to help us out. Here's a short list of things that we will need to be prepared. What Time? The raid will take place next Sunday: May 3rd @ 8:00 PM CST. What is a Raid? A raid is an 8v8 BTB match involving multiple types of objectives familiar to you in Halo. These include Slayer, CTF, and Territories/Invasion. These are highly coordinated matches, and require constant but calm communication across all team members. Matches usually last 45 minutes-1 hour. (IMO they shouldn't be more than 20 but anything to get that "epic" feeling. What is Expected of Me? Unlike our other events, we wish for you to have an interested in competitive play and have a fair degree of skill. You don't need to be a pro gamer or anything, just be confident in your gunplay. We will need at least 8 players. We already have 4. More is preferred. Wear any armor you want. As long as the color is Blue and Steel. Message me on Discord with a request to join and I will add you to the Halo OD Competitive Squad. How Else Can I Help? We need a map. This map must meet the following criteria: A raid base may have no more than 1 Gauss Hog, 1 Falcon, 1 Scorpion, and 1 Banshee for the defending team. Attacking team may have MG Warthogs (unlimited), Mongooses, and/or a Falcon A defending team may have no more than 3 power weapons deployed at once (Sniper, Laser, Rockets, Fuel Rod, etc). More than 1 of the same type of power weapon is banned. Power weapons must have a respawn time of 30 seconds or greater. Vehicles must have a respawn time of 30 seconds or greater. Attackers must have a respawn time of 5 seconds. Defenders must have a respawn time of 5 seconds. Overshields, Pickup-Camo, and Pre-set powerups are banned Damage, Damage Resistance, Movement, Motion sensors, Gravity, and ammo must remain at its default settings. Modded vehicles, weapons, or other mods are banned. Other than the rules above, the map must be able to handle 16 players. It must be very large and resemble a base of some kind. It will need to be fairly balanced however. For inspiration, I recommend you look at Team Fortress 2 maps, as these generally have a flow that fits raiding here (albeit without set classes). The rule of thumb is: Attackers should initially have an easy time capturing land, but as they get closer to the base it is much harder. Download Forge Unlocked HERE Tell your friends or whoever else might be interested in an activity like this. We need extra players just in case some can't go that day all of a sudden. Despite how suddenly this situation came onto us, it does not give us an excuse to not try. Of course we should try to win and kick their asses. I want to remain neutral, but the way I see it this infringes on our goal as a clan. We want to give our members the best experience possible, away from the pseudo mil-sim clans that have sprouted around Halo since its inception. We're here to have fun, and it will remain that way. Yes, tournaments also sort of go against our goal as well, but the difference in those is that we can pull in players from wherever and still have a great time and pick up some new members. Raids do not do that in my eyes. They are time consuming and stressful to me, as there's a strong emphasis placed on dignity and reputation. So, what we're gonna do, as a clan, is throw it right back in their faces. We'll play their game, but we won't get sucked into the meta. I don't care if they're better than us, because they've been doing it longer or whatever they say. We are not gonna let them have a taste of a single drop of victory over us. So join me, and we'll defend our way of doing things here at OD. I wish you all the best, Zakspeeed(OD)
  11. Hello everyone, I figured I'd post another division update here so everyone can see it, as it involves changes that affect how the division is operated. General Information Currently the Division, as of 4/20, sits at 47 members, two division leaders, and when the meeting happens on the 26th, will have 2 Officers and 1 Warrant Officer (me). Event turnout is slightly lower than last month, but is not a hindrance to the operation of those events Raged has stepped down as the R&R Division Leader. As a result, we will move to involve more of our dedicated members in the recruiting process. We are also promoting the dedicated members to not only reward those who put time and effort into the division but also to build our officer base. This does not mean we are just giving them out, however. We are currently trying to build alliances with fellow Halo clans. However, interaction will remain limited between us and them due to the lack of cross play There is now a Spartan Company for the players to join to easily organize ourselves on MCC and Waypoint and make the transition to Infinite easier. Event Plans Events will now be held every other week to increase attendance at the events and open up the remaining two weeks of the month to "Miscellaneous Events". "Miscellaneous Events" will involve things like tournaments with cash prizes, streams, or other kinds of contests set up by the Division Leaders. Modded Events will be scrapped as a part of the set line up of events, and will be brought up every once in awhile as a Miscellaneous Events. This is due to technical issues with our players and a lack of mod support for MCC as it is currently. Our first tournament is targeted for late May-early June. It will be in the FFA format most likely and will be open to all members of the Halo community, along with OD. We hope this tournament will create exposure for the clan and help grow the Halo Division. We plan on streaming the events in May. I'm still searching for a dedicated streamer, so please approach me if you are interested. The Events Team is getting a shakeup, due to most of the old members either DSLing out or lacking interest. I've already pinpointed a couple of members I'd like to have but feel free to suggest anything via a quick Discord message. Overall Goal in May For the month we hope to grow the events and to get more people in the clan by encouraging people to bring people they know to the events to increase attendance and possibly bring in recruits, besides rolling the dice at the Waypoint forums or Discord. We also aim to see an increase in average players over the first month of events. The long term goal for the future of the Halo Division is to provide a platform to not only promote the division but the clan as a whole. For now, we will keep our ideas within the realm of the division, but we hope that others will follow in suit or be inspired to grow their own division or squad in a similar fashion.
  12. Hey everyone, I figured I'd let everyone know about a cool bit of history in Halo's lifespan. A long time ago in 2010 the OG Xbox Live servers were being shut down by Microsoft. As a result, one wouldn't be able to play such classics on the OG Xbox like Halo 2, Battlefront II, and Forza Motorsport 1 online. But, there was a catch. The servers would not shut down at a predetermined time for everyone. Instead, Microsoft allowed players to finish up whatever they were doing and then leave, but they wouldn't be able to reconnect. As long as you were online, and playing with no disconnects, you could keep using Xbox Live 1.0. The result was a band of players dwindling down to 14 people continuing to play Halo 2. They would not stop until they were forcibly removed, or their hardware gave out. A few even went to go play Reach in beta, having made peace with Halo 2 and saying their final goodbyes (or making alts). It all came down to one man, APACHE N4SIR, to keep Halo 2 alive, and he did. Until he was unceremoniously booted for unknown reasons. We salute you all, and hope that with MCC and Project Cartographer you can keep playing the game you love. H2 Classic and Anniversary will soon come to PC, and you can find Project Cartographer here.
  13. Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder on what you need to be able to play Extinction at Saturday's event. Download the file from here https://mega.nz/folder/1iZQQS6L#6WxOEAfyhsTKxdFug1gAZA Back up your trainingpreserve.map and haloreach.dll files. Replace those files, and put Canyon_Chaos.mvar in the map variants folder, just in case we have to change host. We will mostly just be playing this, so remember to have anti-cheat off for the duration of the event or you will be flagged by EAC. I hope to see you there! Zakspeeed(OD) Edit: Link with key already there has been added. Thanks JD!
  14. Really? That’s pretty crazy actually. Didn’t realize many people saw it.
  15. Hello everyone! Please fill out this survey to help the events team and division leaders determine the appropriate scale and interest for tournaments. Thank you, Zakspeeed(OD)
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