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  1. Yw, he jumps on the fridge, and on top of the cupboards in the kitchen too lol
  2. I converted it to an .avi hopefull this works. the video is sidewise i dont have any editing software on this computer. img_0918.avi
  3. My daughters cat being a terd trying to get on the upper shelves IMG_0918.MOV
  4. Welcome and enjoy it here, i do.
  5. Welcome and enjoy the family
  6. MooseBlue


    Welcome, you have found a great home.
  7. Welcome aboard, you will love it here. Go to channel clan od and you can pickup clan chaos and baal runs. You will never turn back to D3 when your start playing this again. It is so cool every time i play it
  8. Welcome, I'm new here too but I found a happy home here. People are great. Enjoy Cheers, Moose
  9. Im just playing Diablo 2 and thats it. US East Ladder SC
  10. Hi gang, I'm moose, (terry) 50 yrs old, married 27 yrs 2 kids 23 F and 21 B I'm retired airforce, and currently back to school for Graphic Design 1st Year Love Diablo since D1 and the Godly Plate of the Whale lol I love to help others out as well. Its nice to be here.
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