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  1. I will go Necro for zNec and DH to play solo and with the guys. Will definitely need a support barb 😄
  2. Count me in! Azzuryon(OD) Azzuryon#1775 My starter class will be DH, but I will also make Monk and WD. Regards.
  3. You did such a great job guys. Keep it up. Congratulations!
  4. We already played today, please add me Azzuryon#1775.
  5. Well, for a new set they will probably benefit another skill. I am suspecting Rapid Fire or Elemental Arrow. I really enjoy elemental arrow effects, its a shame its not powerful enough.
  6. Hi all! I was wondering what skill could be buffed for next DH set, I hope its Elemental Arrow so we can have Kridershot back to its former glory with some upgrades too. I would also like to have Vault go through walls (you are a DH, if a demon goes through a wall, why cant you?). Well, let me know what are your thoughts. Regards.
  7. @Raged(OD) Sorry for the delayed answer. I hope to have fun and learn a lot from all the pros in the division (as long as my internet connection allows).
  8. Thank you all for the welcome. It feels like home already. @Hari(OD) If @R.agnarok(OD) needs my programming skills I will be glad to help as long as it falls in my area of expertise. I will add you once I log into the game. @Purplez(OD) D2 was the first ever rpg game that I played and I loved it. I lost count of how many times I repeated all the acts. I will take your word and will add you if I play D2 in the future. @Escreal(OD) Please send me your btag to add you as well. @CompFreak(OD) I will add you, looking forward to play with you. @Xayj(OD) I haven't play those games, but I will hop into discord to meet you all anyways. Just realized that I put the (OD) when I created my user on https://www.overdosed.net/, but not here in the forum. Hope that doesnt give me any trouble later on Can I change my forum username to add (OD)?
  9. Thanks for your kind words Mr. Sil3NtKilLOD. Already sent the request.
  10. Hi everyone! My name its Azzuryon(OD) and I am new to Overdose. I really appreciate the chance you've given me to join this community. Some personal stuff about myself: Computer Science Engineer(Database Administrator->Sysadmin->Programmer->Gamer). I am 35 years old and have 15 years experience in all of the above, except as gamer(I am sure I've been a gamer for more than 15 years). About my D3 life: Started playing D3 after vanilla, 7 years as an active player completing each season (lone wolf mode). I main DH/Sader but I can play other classes too. I have limited time to play on weekdays, but on weekends its a different story. Sorry for the short introduction, but I consider myself an ordinary player across the board. I am looking forward to make some friends to play with and as the title says: slay some evil. Warm regards from the Caribbean to all the Nephalem.
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