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  1. Hey all, I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to join the clan, but I am going to search around for something new to play. You are a great bunch and the last few days has been fun. Thank you all.
  2. I have been using a combination of Icy Veins as well as www.Diablofans.com, Icy has been great for the basics while Diablo fans gets more in depth for builds each season. I did have a good time running some GRifts with Silent and Ghost yesterday outside my fun filled hotel internet crashing on me.
  3. Thank you very much Thank you for the welcome @Purplez(OD). I joined Discord. I will start hopping on after work today. I am working a project down south so we shall see how the days go. Will do for sure @JR(OD), and thank you for the welcome. Thank you @CompFreak(OD), I appreciate that. I will probably be asking tons of questions to the D3 team. I know what I know but need to begin learning the group comp aspect. I would like the chance to try out the ZMonk build in a group setting but it is probably gonna take some patience and practice. I look forward to that challenge though.
  4. Hey all, First, thank you for the opportunity to be here. I have been PC gaming since the early 2000’s. I started with EQ, did EQ2, WoW off and on since release, Lineage 2, a ton of free games, and Diablo 3 when it first came out but picked it up again in December. I enjoy the game immensely but looking for a team to do things with. I’ve been pretty much solo till now trying to grind gear and gems. I mainly play my Barb but he is the easiest to farm with. I have been using him to gear everything else to test different classes/builds. Outside of gaming I am an IT Engineer in Michigan. I do travel a bit for work but the laptop travels with me. I am on almost daily and up for learning from the team. thanks, Esc
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