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  2. I hate the lines because it always strikes at the least inopportune moment ie: getting rushed, trading, side quests before work...etc. I think if they are going to make us wait these long ridiculous cd's I think they should invent a mini game of some sort. Maybe like a boxing simulator where you can choose a D2 Boss or a random named monster from the game and if you win...you get either a lower cd or a Pgem. Idk...sounds kinda cute. We got a better shot at this then expecting Blizzard to fix their servers for us die hard D2 players. Lmk what you guys think, I like hearing others ideas.
  3. When I was a manager at McDonald's I went to the bank to cash my check after work. As I was about to leave I remembered that I had forgot something at work so I was going to go back and get it. As I got to the main road and was going to turn there was a guy standing there with a will work for food sign. I motioned for him to come over and invitied him to get into my car. I didnt go straight to the resturaunt instead I drove for a bit, the whole time asking this guy some pretty basic questions, trying to get a feel for the guy and see what his story was. Come to find out he was homeless not by choice but by a series of events that drove him into depression and eventualy homelessness. I felt bad for the guy and then I turned by and headed for the resturaunt. When the guy asked me what I was doing I explain why we went for a drive and he said he understood. When we got there I went into the kitchen and made him some food. On my way to the table I grabbed an application and then as he ate I filled out his application and put myself down as his refrence. He obviosly got the job. He worked on the night shift with me. I allowed him to use the bathroon to clean up before work and I bought him a few cheap outfits from the local salvation army. while he worked I let him do his laundry in the washer and dryer in the back of the store, ment for the stores cleaning rags. He did very well and after a few short months got his first promotion and pay raise. By this time he was staying in a hotel near the resturaunt and using thier laundry service. After his 4th month he recieved another promtion and pay raise and had gotten back in touch with his family and they were thrilled that he was off the streets and doing much better for himself. By his 6th-7th month his sister bought herself a house and decided to rent her smaller house to her brother, but that ment him transfering to a McDonalds close to his new home. I was sad to see him go but I wished him luck and then I never saw him again.....Until about 12 years later. I was broke down on the side of the road with a flat tire. I tried several times to call people to help me out, but I couldnt find anyone. after about 20 mins a fancy Lincoln Town car pulled up and out stepped this thin, clean cut man in a nice suit asked me if I was ok...I told him I had a flat. I thought he looked familiar but couldnt place him...he recognized me right away. We caught up for a few minutes and he told me he works at McDonald's Corp office and hes doing very well. He then pulled out a cellphone and called someone. After about another 20 mins a towtruck showed up, but he didnt tow my car he jacked it up and changed my tire. We said our goodbyes and I havent seen him since but I hope that he is still doing well for himself.
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  5. Hey all this is Piggy(OD), I just wanted you all to know that I also play D3 and Hearthstone. I wanted to post my Battle-tag so if any of you see this tag you know its me. My Battle-tag is Rodger69ner#1243. I look forward to playing other games with you guys as well.
  6. this is Piggy(OD) I want to play a summon/curses necro
  7. Hi all, My name is Art...but my IGN is Piggy(OD) for D2. Thank you for having me and I look forward to learning everyone's name , rank, IGN , playing D2 with you. Feel free to hmu I'm always looking to make new friends and meet new people. I love Playing D2 but I'll admit I don't know everything about the game. Thanks again...and I hope to make it past the Temporary membership stage.
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