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  1. Welcome back @LightningWolves(OD)! I haven’t played Heroes of the Storm in a while. I think I stopped in diamond league. Now I mostly play starcraft2 and d2.
  2. Request for Officer rank. Just got promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. 🙂 thanks! -Yoshi(OD)
  3. Sounds fun JR, sign me up =) email: fishmaster99@gmail.com
  4. Nice fish!! Going fishing this weekend!!
  5. When Mandalorian season 2 comes out on Disney+, we need to watch that! Who’s with me!? ;D
  6. Praying for complete healing for you Julie! In JESUS name Amen!
  7. Welcome to OD!! I’m married, No kiddos yet. I usually play d2 hcl and sc2. See you around!
  8. Welcome to the clan. All I play is d2 hc and sc2. See you in game!
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