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  1. If you want to get ahold of me feel free to reach out to Purple.
  2. Zachery(OD)

    New World

    If you still have it come play! I can show you the ropes!
  3. I watched the youtube video of it. Looks like some major changes are coming with trading and chars themselves. Ladder reset is Jan 24th!! I might end up trying it out.
  4. Zachery(OD)

    New World

    Wooooot. Seriously looking forward to this game. I even started playing Ark again last night just to get back into the crafting mindset lol 49240127 this is my friend code on steam you can add me 🙂 Are you like Purple, have you only ever played D2? lol
  5. Zachery(OD)

    New World

    Hey Guys! I will be moving to Amazon's New World MMO when it comes out. This is a mix of Ark and traditional MMOs, it even has some aspects of POE with how they do the gear. I have pre-ordered the game via steam. If you pre-order it you will gain access to the beta in April. The game itself releases in May of this year. One cool thing they stated is "Even if someone is 10 to 15 levels ahead of you doesn't mean you can't kill them if you are really good at the game." From what they have said there will be PvP and PvE. I think a massive part of it will be taking over peoples land and raiding them 😄 If anyone else plans to play let me know! I will be looking to start a squad when it gets closer to time and then hopefully developing it into a Division. https://www.newworld.com/en-us Offical Trailer: Developer Diary 1: Developer Diary: 2 Gameplay 1: Is almost a year old now and much much more has been added to the game since this.
  6. Thanks for the post Terra! Looking forward to what OD becomes!!
  7. Welcome to OD. Was nice talking to you on Discord!
  8. I love awesome gaming setups but sometimes too much is too much lol
  9. I just started the other day. Trust me I'm not that great but learning a lot!
  10. Welcome to OD! If you ever wanna play D2 hit me up 🙂
  11. dear god what is going to cause now. Please pray that it fixes the line issues.
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