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  1. If you need a rush in norm or NM i can help you guys!! ;D

  2. This ''Replies'' will be in french and Translate in english!! Just you need too know, i dont know ALL THE ITEMS in the games and it was the first time i have see this items (its important for my story 😉 ) FRENCH PART: Nous étions entrains de faire des Baals Runs avec Purple et des ''randoms''. Tous se passe nickel les random étais cool, Cindy étais au top ( comme d'hab 😉 ). Au moment Que Baal meurt un Charm UNIQUE Drop au sol. Tout le monde courrut pour essayer de l'avoir Personne n'a été cappable de l'avoir car ils/elles Avait TOUS leurs inventaire FULL. Moi au calme je l'atrape (comme un noob CURIEUX que je suis) je L'identifie devant les autres et j'ai eu ceci: NOM: Gheed's Fortune Grand Charm STATS:99% Extra Gold, 25% MF, 14% de reduction chez les vendeurs Voilas c'étais il y a peine 1-2 jours PS: si vous le voulez je peut vous le donnez cher copains Du Clan OD :3 ENGLISH PART (GOOGLE TRANSLATION): We went to make Baals Runs with Purple and some '' randoms ''. All went well, random was cool, Cindy was on top (as usual). At the moment Baal dies, a UNIQUE Charm Drop to the ground. Everyone ran to try to get it, Nobody was cappable to have it because they had ALL their inventory FULL. Me calmly I Grab it (like a CURIOUS noob that I am) I identify it in front of the others and I had this: NAME: Gheed's Fortune Grand Charm STATS: 99% Extra Gold, 25% MF, 14% off sale Here we go, it was like 1-2 days PS: if you want it I can give it to you dears OD's Friends :3
  3. Ty for that Welcome Guys 😅 !! Lets have some fun together 😄 !! see you in game (D2 Or Xbox One)😍
  4. Hi Everyone my real name are Albert, i have 24 Year old, i'm French and i have just join the clan todays! (Sept 20 2019) So far the peoples in the clan are Nice. I have restart playing D2 like 1 week ago and enjoy it more than ever! I'm working the weekend Normally. (not full time) Eneways if you need something just ask, i'll try to help if i can! Look out im REALLY curious And i LOVE the blue 😜
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