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  1. Im here to help do whichever. Im still trying to get back on D2 currently just rocking some D3
  2. Tried, and still doing the same thing.
  3. So i logged in couple days ago and it was fine now i can't log in at all says Battle.net is not responding... So guess ill see you guys when i can 😞
  4. Welcome man! Hope you enjoy your time with us! I only just recently joined to and i love it
  5. I am going to be at Barclay's! Front row seats bud. You going to be there?
  6. Well i wont win this one 😞 I'll be in NYC for the weekend at the ESL ONE Tournament! Maybe i can tune in depending what time 1st day is over! GL everyone.
  7. This level 92 barbarian comes in a dueling game and starts showing off his godly items by dropping them. he runs around like a dumba$$ and drops his ethBOTDcb, vex, anni, and enigma. So i was a low level necro that had just got the skill 'iron golem'. he runs into my screen drops his ethBOTDcb and i click on it. and instantly it turns into a iron golem that has 3k damage. Funniest thing i got lol
  8. Deranged(OD)


    Solid man thanks alot!
  9. Deranged(OD)


    Alright solid ill have to get a hold of them thank you!
  10. Deranged(OD)


    So as you know i just joined a couple days ago. Haven't had a chance to level up my Amazon i was going to make but I do know i want to make her a PvPer. Any advice on a Crossbow Amazon would be appreciated. What's today's meta with PvPing etc.. Just some insight
  11. Yeah I know what you ment lol
  12. College - Nebraska and Boise State NFL - Dallas
  13. So I've heard. Apparently my doppelganger
  14. Hey my names Aaron i'm Deranged if you can't tell already. :D Recently started playing D2 again after about 6 years. Been playing again recently for about 2 weeks and ran into Clan OD everyone seemed awesome so I figured i'd give this community / clan thing a shot. Not much to know about me. Im from Upstate, NY, 30yr. Anything else? Just ask.
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