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  1. Excited to see Charge Barb making somewhat of a comeback, I'm down to level/group up on opening day! Not sure of the exact timeframe of when it opens though so I may be a little late.
  2. New Member, New Season! Let's gooo, super hyped to actually have people to play with. I'll be on the start of Season 18. Doesn't matter to me how we're grouped, I'm just ready to grinddddd.
  3. Hello there, The names Syrup, as you might've guessed from my name I am what some may call a "Canadian". I know!, save the "Oohs" and "Ahhs" for later, we're here to talk business. I was recruited by v3n0m and am looking for friends to play any kind of game with, I mainly play League of Legends, Apex, & D3, but also dabble in Overwatch, CS:GO, and really anything if I have somebody to talk to while I do it. I'll be hanging around in the TS channel (most likely in the Apex voice chat channel) if anybody wants to come chat or you can shoot me a message there!.
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