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  1. When is ladder reset this go around?? Forget apex, play pubg lol
  2. Thank JR, just trying to get back into the swing of things. Seeing what goes for what and feel the market out lol.
  3. I think it might just be on the phone it acts weird, thanks again
  4. Thanks Cindy, I tried the link on my phone and it doesnt populate the text same with some other pieces in the forum.
  5. Sounds good Venom, thank you tuudesire. Appreciate it and cannot wait to play with everyone.
  6. Thanks Venom, I tried apex couldn't get into it. I mostly play pubg and the occasional RDR2 or gta5.
  7. Hello everyone, My name is Nate, I use the handle of RagingLemon(OD). Been playing d2 off an on since 99 2000, 10 year break from last stint. Glad to finally be part of a group happened to run into thextreme and Duvall in a chaos run and here I am. Always willing to help with anything in game and also play xb1x if your interested there as well. Glad to be here and cant wait for the fun.
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