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  1. Dude I didn't see this if we're all just doing a quick league I'll make a team with you guys, we still have time
  2. You guys are awesome. Just remember, the more people that are in TS, the faster that we can take over the world 😲
  3. Hey watsup I'm Immolation, my name's Derek, friends call me D-bah, I honestly don't care what you call me. I've been gaming for almost 20 years, friend took me to a LAN to play CS1.5 and I was hooked ever since. I play CS, OW, D2, D3, even D1 if you want, too many others to mention, FF, Minion Masters, I'll play anything. I like that you guys are a tight little group, everyone seems nice and helpful, I just truly honestly wish more people were in TS. The chances that I learn everyone's names and their characters and add their accounts and remember who I'm typing to is slim to none. It's much easier for us to ask what gear we need or what runs we wanna do by speaking as opposed to typing constantly. This is just me tho, I know a lot of you use ingame and that's cool, as soon as I started gaming people used TS and Ventrilo so I'm just used to speaking. Other than that I'm going to be 32 soon and I enjoy long walks on the beach and I'm just looking for my missing slice of pizza to complete my pie 😂
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