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  1. Hey all just started in the clan today, made a new account and got to act 5 norm ( Level 20 ). Looking to see if anyone would be able to help me get rushed to hell. Thanks for anyone that takes there time to respond, happy to be here and ready to get started helping the cause! 🙂
  2. I play Apex but on PS4! PSN: ShaneeGangg if your on there! Thanks for the welcoming! Thanks Drew!
  3. Hey all ! Just introducing myself, i played a little D2 off and on through my earlier years but since this recent ladder reset ive really given it a chance and fallen in love. Got the urge to find a group to play with and saw OD members frequently so decided to ask about you guys. Thanks again to Drewg for helping me out and getting me initiated, im looking forward to having alot of fun and meeting some great people. Im on the east coast and play pretty frequently. Happy to be here!
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