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  1. Yeah it was in your chaos game that I realized this clan existed haha and I'm glad I did ! Everyone has been nice so far I love it here ! Thanks for the warm welcoming guys ! Yes for sure I will file an IA request before leaving and I will also read that guide about this clan. I'm looking forward to playing with you guys in game too !!
  2. Hello ! My name is Dominic, I am 23 years old and I hate bots. That pretty much summarizes it. I've been playing Diablo II on and off for 12 years and I still have stuff to learn, and I am also willing to help anyone. P.S. I work with the Coast Guard which means I could be gone at sea for extended periods of time (up to 28 days). I may not have any WiFi out there so if I disappear for more than 28 days then I really stopped playing but otherwise I might just be working, sorry. I am also a francophone so go easy on my spelling mistakes haha. I consider myself a sociable guy and I'm looking forward to meet you guys ! See ya
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