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  1. Tomorrow I'm going to try and do some more runs. Light sorce is on the way :D..

    Friday-Sunday probably wont see as much of me only because of my work schedule.

  2. Sassy Since I became a member of the OD clan last year I've met so many people & you stood out upon your own to help me in many ways. You've showed me how to use the forums a lot better, now you've even got me using discord 🙂. You're very active in the game & outside the game to check on people incase they need something. I've become more knowledgeable with the clan now then I thought I would have thanks to you helping me through the ropes along the way. Also thanks to you as well I'm also a recruiter. I know every once and awhile I seem to disappear but our lives can d
  3. Happy birthday tim hope you have a great day 🙂 

    1. TTracey45(OD)


      Thank you very much!! It was really good!

  4. Wellll shiiiittt.. Tipsy so im chilling . WOot !!! 😄 

  5. Relaxing with the family on my days off.

    1. Sassy


      That’s the best way to spend you’re day off 🙂 im not coming on game today because my grandson here be on tomorrow though we catch up ok Tim 

    2. TTracey45(OD)


      Sounds good 🙂

  6. Welcome back to OD! Glad to have you!!

  7. Definitely going to miss having you around man. Been awhile since we played. I hope everything that's going on is alright man and like everyone else we hope to see you come back or at least hear from you! Best of luck!
  8. Time to go watch an episode of Power i missed !! 

  9. Hello everybody!! I just became a member today Recruited by Flexir(OD). Glad that i can be apart of this clan and hope to further excel in this group. I have been a Diablo 2 player for over ten years now. The bots and MapHack has taken away some of the original fun most of us have experienced throughout the years. I love gaming and hope to be able to help out with others while I play. Feel free to reach out to me for help. TTracey45(OD) is my name. Thank you all again for accepting me and hope to see you guys on soon!!!
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