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  1. Haha all good its easy to do. My favorite color is Purple!
  2. I'll play BO Barb for a team!
  3. Still any spots open? Trying HC this ladder I can do barb or druid
  4. What's up I'm Codork (or just Cody). I'm 23 and have loved Blizzard games since I was a kid. WC3 I've logged probably thousands of hours, mostly in custom games but also some ladder now and again (human). D2 is my 2nd love, I've been a softcore player since I started way back when but this ladder I'm looking to try my hand at HC. Somebody teach me how not to die? 🙂 Looking for a solid group of buds who will have my back when I inevitably fail to log out fast enough or get PKd...lets hope it doesn't happen too fast. Probably going to play something mega-safe, maybe bar b or druid for huge hp. We'll see, I'm excited to see what the constant threat of permanent deletion adds to the game. P.S. I started learning to draw recently, my profile picture is an NPC from a little rpg I made for fun too. I call him Nob.
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