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  1. well my favorite npc on d2 is akara of course u do den she can restart ur stuff three times who else could do that on here hmmm i think no one can and then she gives u a skill in each difficulty come on she is a beast plus she has a purple robe my fav color XD happy traveling guys!!!
  2. hello guys its smitten(OD) I was thinking of some idea's and came up with this lld tourny it will take awhile 1vs1 need as many players rules are there lvl 30 (a must) u can buy on jsp or find in game must start fresh char and let me know the name. i can grush if need be but i will have a bracket of who goes against who.... prizes oh boi where do i begin nigma cta hoto anni list goes on an on XD let me know who is interested
  3. oh u know me, i may miss more! lol
  4. smitten(OD)

    Team Signups

    ill be a light sorc
  5. i swore i made my forum account but guess i never did but here it is lmao
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