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  1. Much better than my workplace. Seems to be way more relaxing! We only have parking lots. To get any nature I have to drive at least a couple minutes away. Probably best that we don't have too many animals, the chemicals kill any bugs that are close by. Would rather the animals stay a safe distance away.
  2. Awesome to hear there are so many vets! Thanks for the warm welcome! 🙂
  3. Hope things are going better! I live in Florida close to the Orlando area. Maybe it's because I live here but I can never imagine why people come here for vacation. Its soooooooo hot 😛 At least it rained a bit so hopefully it cools down for you guys! 🙂 Animal Kingdom is snazzy, the safari ride is nifty. Avatar land is crazy dark at night though, watch your footing! 🙂
  4. Hello OD! I know I'm a little late to the forums. But i just wanted to say hello and introduce myself 🙂 I am a Diablo III player and was recruited by Bear(OD). I haven't played Diablo III in quite some time, but my wife and I have started playing it offline on PS4. That got me back into the PC version and led me to playing with Bear and seeing how awesome the players of OD were. I'm having a blast in OD so far and looking forward to possibly trying out some other games OD supports. Very small recap of my real life: US Military Veteran, married, finishing up my Masters in Computer Science, working way too much to pay bills that just continue to go up for the same service 😛 Anywho, looking forward to meeting everyone in the forums and ingame! 🙂 Cheers
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