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  1. Oh I'm so sorry! I thought it was about D2 >.<
  2. They reset the D2 server? I still can't log in 😞
  3. I'm sorry I don't understand :S
  4. ? Why do you call me Ray Mr. Rich?
  5. Thanks, Mr. Froggie! I love your runs 😉 My name is Celeste. I have Italian heritage ❤️ from my grandparents who migrated to the U.S. I look forward to making lots of friends!
  6. Thanks, Mr. CompFreak! I look forward to my time here ^_^
  7. Thanks Miss Sassy! Wow you're English? I love the English accents they're so cute ❤️
  8. Nitro(OD)


    You're welcome, milady XD
  9. That's so cool! I didn't know you guys even did interviews ❤️
  10. Nitro(OD)

    Path of Diablo

    Oh, okay. Thanks! Maybe I'll try it out eventually 😉
  11. Nitro(OD)

    Path of Diablo

    Sounds like fun, but isn't against the rules to play it because it is modded?
  12. Boy, this must've been quite the challenge. Well done to all the winners!
  13. Such a talent! I hope he has a brilliant career :)
  14. Nitro(OD)


    I'm so sorry to hear that, Miss Sassy...That drawing is wonderful!
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