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  1. My Friend We Love you (Me/Wifey) and the rest of the gaming community you are involved with , i am so honored to have crossed paths with you and the things you've taught me and my wife about the game hands down made me hooked on you your wise compassionate solutions still amaze me the dedication and devotion you have shown is hands down top shelf stuff. keep doing what you do and remember to take some time for you here and there . much love Love Mikey
  2. I love how some act like 2 year old's when it comes to real life issues , remember your true friends will reach out to you before coming to assumptions or actions based on no-contact . πŸ™‚ with being that i send my love again to you pops and im saddened by the bureaucracy that trumps humanity . many have expressed how much we love you PoPs . and as far as i'm concerned you are d2 (and a few others) are the main support for the overdosed community . i've been here and spoken to all the upper echelon except a few ( wonder why the top people don't mingle with the grunts other than when its a promo
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  4. very nice , hope you get to do it more often.
  5. sass said u was stalkin the site, how goes it bro u surviving?!?!?

  6. Mike just checking in to make sure you’re ok and wifey πŸ’™πŸ’—

  7. Mike I’m thinking of you and wifey plz plz let me know if you need or want anything love you & wifey πŸ’™πŸ’™Β 

  8. What can i say james has been the backbone since day 1 of my visiting the od channel (bots , bans and clean runs that are available to public as well as private), kept a great standing with clansmen/woman and randoms alike . been fair and a positive attitude from the get go , i fully support pops in his endeavour's as they come along . much love bro . you got this . Mikey
  9. welcome aboard πŸ™‚
  10. hands down one of the coolest d2 players i've ever met , so much so that i fell in love with her personality immediately ( who does'nt ) . our friendship was sparked from mere helping one another in classic d2 (which not many played at the time) she was intuitive as well as a damned gear factory cause she was always gearing me with something i needed , she will always be the shining light in a dismal world so i gravitated to her and her kind hence why im even here. if it were not for my son telling me sassyass was in od i wouldnt have given the clan a second glance , with that being said , she
  11. love you julie get well soon !
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