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  1. I still have this on my Zon if you still need.
  2. So after taking some time to consider what I am thankful for, I decided to put my children. My oldest is 18 was born with autism and will be graduating on Tuesday. My baby, who isn't much of a baby, is 16 about to be 17 will be graduating in 2021. Without these two in my life the last 12 years, I don't think I would be here today. I have been a single mom since their dad passed away in '07 and it hasn't been easy. I work but I don't make a lot and so sometimes we have to cut corners. My children have only complained about the unfairness of not having their dad when major things happen. Example: the church hosting a father/daughter dance. Or my son turning of age and needing that man to man talk and being to embarrassed to talk to his Uncles so comes to me for answers. Or Prom and now Graduation. The last 12 years haven't been easy but my children have been like a balm on the pain of losing their dad and the Strength to keep moving forward and to cherish every moment you make with them.
  3. When is a good time for you Spike?
  4. I am usually on early morning around 4a.m to about noon. Let me know when you can be on and I will be on waiting.
  5. No unfortunately not at this time. Just let me know when your online and we can meet up.
  6. Just realized you don't need bow. But I do have the Amulet.
  7. I found Bow and Ammy if you want them.
  8. Name is samantha. Was recruited today by JR(OD). Looking forward to meeting new people to play D2 with.
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