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  1. Houston Alaska here. guess im the only Alaskan..
  2. Best damn bear bait ever is a beaver carcass. I'm running low on beavers already and bear season is just kicking off.
  3. going to roll wizard again for my main then will also go for a doc. for some reason I thought today was the start however friday works well as I should be able to grind up to 70 before I have to leave for a bear hunt sunday.
  4. feel free at add me on bnet Widowmaker#13616 I also play a few other games when I am not out killing bears, moose or caribou and the occasional sheep/goat. This year looks to be pretty busy with bear season through June then into fly fishing and guiding until August when I chase sheep and Caribou. Then rolls into Moose season until the end up Sept.
  5. Just wanted to give a quick intro. I'm 37, retired and living in Alaska. I used to play a variety of games but have narrowed my gaming to mostly D3 and Destiny 2. I spend a good chunk of my time guiding in Alaska as well as working with disabled veterans and children getting them on their first big game animals.
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