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  1. howdy everyone 🙂 got myself a starting hammerdin set up from an irl buddy of mine and now i gotta get a hammerdin xD but that just means i can do better mf runs instead of nightmare runs lol. Looking forward to meeting everyone 😄
  2. Hey guys, im TheExile (just call me Exile :D) currently trying to get my sorc built to farm hell countess/MF runs slowly getting all the quests completed and all the waypoints unlocked, currently im level 80 but will most likely stop leveling at 90, any tips on a strong build for sorcs dedicated to magic finding/key farming would be very much appreciated :D my future 2 builds will be hammerdin (for essence farming) and a smiter (Ubers xD) and a ton of mule characters. Looking forward to eventually meeting everyone and at some point grouping up with yall. - TheExile(OD)
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