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  1. Welcome Aboard! Hope you pass your trial!
  2. I got some chars to clear to have room for more incoming ladders. lmk if your interrested! Free enigma and stuffs!
  3. Mytho(OD)

    Pork joint

    heck of a cook sassy is!
  4. hey @Sassy, you might have been using some good hours to get 1500 songs. oh jeez!
  5. are you for real! it's now my goal! 1500 songs of deep house! I will step onto 100 soon. so..
  6. imagine the circlets, with better stats out going at each cow runs, we can get.
  7. @snicker66(OD) let me know if you want to build a cow team for classic. Look the ed!
  8. I'm testing in expansion right now. But, it's related the same. I had to charsi.
  9. enhanced damage shield is getting at a good point. circlets are getting better too. The game.exe is recording drops you do.
  10. Mytho(OD)

    My dogs

    coffee kills the pain sassy. nice hobbit! see you soon!
  11. I beleive the loops are for ending intro to 4 temp or 8 right after. 4 tempo for 3 maximum repeats, 8 could be 2 max.
  12. intro and outro are mergin on top of each others. the way to mix is what you wrote, more the why.
  13. The secret cow level unblock better gear with a junk floor if I can tell. a computer needs sys32. D2 needs white gear to have access to uniques.
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