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  1. Happy Birthday @Purplez(OD) to somewhere in November! Sorry for late call.
  2. I am level 89 right now in Expansion Single Player. This is firm thinking, Single Player helps the battle net drops. I suggest this: -Play good mf in Multiplayer. -Get to play Single Player Steady after a while of multiplayer. -Unlock your computer of choice for the gear gathered in Single Player. -Replay Multiplayer and see what your computer able to get with out being nerfed by a perimed sys file in your comp. Why Single Player? -Expanding the skills -Expanding the Good build Single Player Expansion is like Classic Multiplayer. @RadarRick(OD)
  3. Was fun baalin'g with you! @MERICA(OD)
  4. @RadarRick(OD)Hoping the fix to be done too Radar! Was it only Classic and Expansion that Had the Lines? Hey check these rings I got in Single player. Mods that I was seeing on jsp screenshots only. Is it an unlock you think? Baby stats all the time.
  5. Special Notice about Diablo II, Single Player. I beleive playing Single Player helps developing the gear for battle net since you increase the finding for your own computer in which cookies nor system 32's and such. Single Player isn't really a waste of time?!! Still using Stealth armor ( Tal Eth ). No Viper Magi, No Skullder's Ire, No Tal armor yet and I'm level 88 half way to 89 doing C-Baals. A mal rune dropped from Forge and Countess gave me one as well. Guess, I will have to unlock high runes by making them.. I am reading the names of the Stronger monsters.
  6. Okay, hello fellow followers, heheh Starting to be the shinning mod since I have to play single player and alone to really alone since even tcp ip doesn't work due to a lack of Internet speed. I cannot reach the servers, lols! My sorc is expansion hell baal passed, and level 86 in few chaos runs. Blizz /Fire Wall I might switch for hydra//blizz, I don't know yet. Here how Single Player works. Maybe a spider web for battle net multiplayer drops. . Through Chaos Runs I've been through, the drops gets to be increased from game to game, but it takes a load of
  7. Even if I cannot go into battle net due to delay of entrance time, I would like to know some stuff to help the website too. Best Regards, Mytho(OD)!
  8. @CompFreak(OD) I got the free version of portfoward, I got the ip of router and comp, but I need full version to foward a port. I might hit a best buy somewhere. Else, the dungeon got me hard. lolol!
  9. Yeah That I knowledged how to use that fictive drive to run the iso. as soon as it is mounted, you can play the iso. no need cd with daemon tools. that is sweet. I tried to get ip tools network utilities iso, but there is no peers. a peers is needed to download. I will get my cash soon, and hoping to join back the crew. pew pew mathafackas! Lels! @CompFreak(OD) @Purplez(OD) Where I live is supposed to be a cottage with one wifi antenna for the lake. Hard to deal with because the trees block the access too, as the rain and other stuff.
  10. Yeah, When I runned it, it was saying buy now. I got the iso file needed with bitlord. I just need to pay a 40 bucks for a router and firewall thing.
  11. @CompFreak(OD) Okay, here what I've done. I got the iso needed with bitlord by typing diablo 2 in search bar. Utorrent websites are just there to get hacked. I did neutralized some by playing a deck card game. I used daemon tool lite to mount the iso on the fictive hard drive they gives. I got able to run a tcp ip game by hosting it, but main battle again stopped with disconnect text. Your first option might be good. But, I don't know what to do. May I ask your help!? https://portforward.com/diablo-ii/ Before you can forward a port you need to know the following things
  12. @CompFreak(OD) I think I know what happenned. I changed router and my firewall went on top. I cannot really tell since my video card launch a heart strike on me. I just needed to re-install, I guess. comp freak, do you know how to install d2 with out any cd's?
  13. hey I'm trying to get a no cd installation crack. I have my cd keys 26 digits and another to regular 16. laptop doesn't want to read anything. help a brother, I want to chaos with dro.
  14. License and plate fees are coming!! lols
  15. I will check it out, thanks! if it's working well damn the firewall might been blocked as you say.
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