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  1. Shucks, as far as I know, I'm unable to recruit. Otherwise, looking forward to seeing more SC2 stuff going on in OD
  2. If you take a look at previous alegations and news shenanigans, I wouldn't doubt that it's true. However, the dudes dead. They couldn't have brought this up when it was relevant?
  3. Looks like 3 of them were attempted in Youtube. TheClanOD is one channel on there that I've found, take out the bandicam and fraps stuff, just start using OBS, make sure the Quality of the video is decent.. Personally wouldn't use the cheesy cut ins of other videos so often. ClanOverdose is a channel as well, and an Overdose OSRS Channel. I could create computer tutorials on how to setup streaming, and get the best settings out of OBS, PC Maintenance / Diagnosing videos as well as a few other gaming videos. We could always play with the idea of starting fresh on Youtube, but that'd be a discussion for the people in charge. I'm not a big Youtuber or nothing, so I'd still be learning about it all as we go.
  4. I would love to be apart of it, any way I can. I've got all the Adobe tools, a reliable upload speed, bunches of HDD space+ Cloud space for storing clips and vods
  5. Any interest out there on starting an Overdosed Youtube?
  6. Lol. Almost spit my coffee out there. Agreed! It's an excellent tool, I've been using it for years now.
  7. Let me help you with your slow PC and Virus issues. I use Teamviewer and have been doing this for years in my local area. I guarantee I can make that thing work like it's brand new (except faulty hardware issues) lol.
  8. I'd be interested as well. I love custom games, and competitive play is alright.
  9. Just started downloading tonight.. I'll try it out with you guys.
  10. I just started learning how to program, but if you're interested in starting something like this up I'd be glad to tag along for the learning experience. I'm currently studying C# and Unity.
  11. Neverwill

    RC ban?

    I talked to the Bnet help, it was a 24 hour ban for relogging too fast. Thanks anyways for the help guys 😛
  12. Neverwill

    RC ban?

    So I was banned the other night while I was in the middle of re-organizing all my mules (RIP runes, and green pieces)... So far It's been 8 hours and I've still gotta ban. What gives? lol. How long do these bans last? Possible to use a VPN to bypass or is it account based ban?
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