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  1. i sure am popular, lmk game.
  2. CONGRATZ @Drewg(OD) wins with his trash talker shut down screen shot "some loser" - made me LOL Thank you SmOkEn(OD) for help with prizes.
  3. accept. maybe available fri or sat.
  4. Hi everyone. I've decided to start my first clan contest. Funniest Screen Shot! I'm not going to put too many rules or restrictions on this event because it's just meant for fun. You can use any location in D2 maps, Draw stuff with item drops. Anything goes as long as it's FUNNY. I decide who the winner is on Friday the 12th of July at 9pm EST. Good luck, Have Fun! Prizes: 1st Place = 100fg, Ohm, 2x Ist
  5. 4. Shade(OD) OD-Legit *Shade(OD) ELE DRUID MB - No ES - No
  6. Caught this guy today at work

    1. Purplez(OD)


      Wowsa!  @Froggie420(OD) is going to be so jealous LOL

    2. Froggie420(OD)


      nice ditch pickle! sorry @Purplez(OD) i dont get jelly over these fish; they usually r by-catches for me.

    3. Shade(OD)


      Hunting for Snook and Red's next ~ pics soon

  7. I'm rdy but it will be vs my wind dru. I'll be on 7ish tomorrow.
  8. Sign me up coach, OD-Fresh Blizz Sorc Sin wont be until later in ladder
  9. 16/14 Nec Torch 3/15/19 Eschuta's 3/12/16 Eschuta's 200% ED UM'd Valkwing +1 Shadow Dancers Eth Wraith Flight (jav) 9/13 Drac's 4/178 Arreats Face Eth Fire Lizards (claw) 36% Chance guards 181% Homungulus 7/15 String of Ears 31/15 Dungos 181% Skullders (gemmed) 48% Steel Skull 34% Hoto 3% BK Ring Unid Shako Charms: 6x Poison and Bone GC's 1x Combat Barb GC 1x Nec Summon GC 6x 7% MF SC's Jewels: +4/5 Cold Die Facet -4/5 Light Level Facet +5/4 Psn Die Facet +4/5 Psn Die Facet Rares: 20 Ias / 10 Str / 12 Dex / 16 mana / 23 Fire Res / 25 Psn Res Gloves 2 Jav / 20 Ias / 2 Str / 16 Cold Res Gloves 2 Nec/20 energy/22 mana/16 all res Circlet Bases: 4os Eth Loricated Mail 771 def Eth Duskshroud 656 def 6os Zerker Axe 5os Crystal Sword 6os Phase Blade 5os Phase Blade Eth Thresher
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