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  1. 16/14 Nec Torch 3/15/19 Eschuta's 3/12/16 Eschuta's 200% ED UM'd Valkwing +1 Shadow Dancers Eth Wraith Flight (jav) 9/13 Drac's 4/178 Arreats Face Eth Fire Lizards (claw) 36% Chance guards 181% Homungulus 7/15 String of Ears 31/15 Dungos 181% Skullders (gemmed) 48% Steel Skull 34% Hoto 3% BK Ring Unid Shako Charms: 6x Poison and Bone GC's 1x Combat Barb GC 1x Nec Summon GC 6x 7% MF SC's Jewels: +4/5 Cold Die Facet -4/5 Light Level Facet +5/4 Psn Die Facet +4/5 Psn Die Facet Rares: 20 Ias / 10 Str / 12 Dex / 16 mana / 23 Fire Res / 25 Psn Res Gloves 2 Jav / 20 Ias / 2 Str / 16 Cold Res Gloves 2 Nec/20 energy/22 mana/16 all res Circlet Bases: 4os Eth Loricated Mail 771 def Eth Duskshroud 656 def 6os Zerker Axe 5os Crystal Sword 6os Phase Blade 5os Phase Blade Eth Thresher
  2. Challenge accepted
  3. I verifed Jamiecl(OD) scavengerhunt items in game on lvl 1 char
  4. OD-Spark Trapsin ShadeOD@d2jsp
  5. After long days like today the first thing id do after winning a million dollars is find and buy a private island somewhere by the FL keys so Id never have to talk to people IRL again! xD - Only visitors with approved purple wrist bands will be allowed on shore. All trespassers will be attacked by schools of sword fish that I caught and trained myself.
  6. Shade(OD)

    Shade's Shop

    +4/-5 Cold Die Facet 4os 10% ED Archon Plate 3os Archon Plate Sacred Armor Fortitude (1539def) 200%ED/6%ll Lightsabre 2barb/20FCR/17dex/84AR Circlet +1Barb6%FCR/22Str Ammy +3 Martial Arts(Asssassin) +11 Dex Gloves +1Light Skill +6 Life GC 1xShadow Discp GC 2x Summon skill GCs Trang helm, armor, glove Full Aldurs Set Nat's Helm, Armor, Boots Mav's helm, armor, glove, belt gris armor, helm Tals Ammy IK glove, helm, belt, boots, maul 3/1bo/3 Crystal Sword CTA W Monach Jalals Mane 47% War Travs +5 Shockwave Rare Druid helm +life/CR 38% Gheeds SnowClash (blizz belt) 15/49 Water Walk Boots 7/14 string of Ears 34 Viper Magi Whyrmhide Treatchery (+2/45ias assassin runeword) LMK what you need ~Shade
  7. FOR TRADE LIST 450/348/34 MetalGrid Melee Ammy 202/20dex Raven Frost +2Dru/+3Shockwave/life/cold resist rare helm Gore Riders SnowClash 35% Chancies 40% WarTravs 3/13/14 Eschutas 29% Spirit Monarch ThunderStroke 3/178 4/5 cold facet Homonculus x2 35/14 Verdungos 7/14 String of Ears Highlords Ammy Wyrmhide Treachery assassin armor StormShield Jalals Mane Aldurs Weapon Aldurs Boots Aldurs Helm Mav Helm Tal Ammy Tal Belt Tal Mask IK Helm IK Gloves IK Belt IK Boots Trang'Oul Armor Key of Terror ISO: HR's, FG ----------------------------------------- USEAST SCL *Shade(OD)
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