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  1. 2ez

    FG for Cd-key

    250 fg for cd key thats how much they cost like 5 years ago or so. discount is much appreciated so i can start climbing ladder and duel on nl. lmk wassup. if anyone can direct me to a vendor much appeciated. or if anyone can loan me one till i get a pc working that;d be great. ISO a vmware key and a windows xp cd key also so i can load it on my mac book or until i buy a new pc. dont wanna buy a key for now since i needa buy a pc a cheapo one since im broke as fuck
  2. 2ez

    Sup Nooooobs

    looking to start dueling again. I need a cd key and some basic gear on ladder and a power level. hook me up i got a ton of time to kill.. looking to make a basic hammerdin and a ghost assassin again. snickers check your d2jsp account i got 700 fg on my d2 jsp account. any donations on gear would be appreciated. need basic gear on ladder or nl basic gear on nl to duel and even ladder add me on steam tensor showbe345
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