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  1. I'd wait for it to go on sale again, it drops to 4.99 pretty often.
  2. KiloPico(OD)


    welcome to the club!
  3. goodness this whole thing is playing out like middle school
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaFHfrY-6uGSAvmczp_7a6Q This channel has some pretty well made guides that explain mechanics and builds.
  5. It is fairly gross to be walking and step in a fresh pile of someone's spit that is then tracked and the other types of littering are also issues. I am not entirely sure what the problem is and instead see a solution to a problem.
  6. Welcome to OD! Glad D2 has another active member!
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  8. If you are playing d2 alone in this community then I am not sure where wires got crossed!
  9. Active for 3/23/2019 TerraOD KiloPico Carnrlian Swerp FirstLukk Lyyneheym_Astree Solguard* (Half-run) Total Earnings : 195,822,100 Silver
  10. Active for 3/16/2019 TerraOD KiloPico Carnrlian Swerp Claberingtime Solguard Remsen Total Earnings : 223,027,500 Silver
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