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  1. I would buy the rights to the color Purple, and trademark it, forcing anyone who uses it to pay me, thus, generating more money in the long run.
  2. *chants* speech speech speech!
  3. That's it Ladies and Gentledudes, :::::The results are in::::: @Purplez(OD) Wins! Please see the nearest customer service rep to claim your prize! 2019-02-10 00-00-42.flv
  4. I'd just edit my main post, but clearly I'm not adult enough to do that, so heres the current standings: 7 - Skribb 8 - JR 13 - Purplez 15 - Froggie 19 - SoByakusho 22 - Dmon 25 - Sassy 29 - Leche 27 - Alcohol 33 - Jiraiya 36 - Pops 42 - Shade 47 - Zirn About 2 1/2 hours left OD, get your last picks in before I give stuff away.
  5. Sorry pops, Shade already took your number >:) So if I can read: 7 - Skribb 8 - JR 13 - Purplez 15 - Froggie 19 - SoByakusho 22 - Dmon 25 - Sassy 29 - Leche 27 - Alcohol 42 - Shade 47 - Zirn Current Selection. Little over 8 hours left. I'm surprised a single Fort giveaway got more people then a full infin merc... Maybe y'all dont like free stuff then?
  6. Sorry Purplez, 13 has been claimed by Purplez. Try again. 🤣
  7. Alright, a little over 12 hours remain, Good luck on the draw everyone whos entered.
  8. Viral(OD)

    GRush SCL

    Sorry I lied, I only have one now, sold the other one for 50fg... xD
  9. Viral(OD)

    GRush SCL

    I've got 2 bumpers ready, and working a 3rd. Lil guys are easy to make with a chant game.. xD
  10. I'll lose my mind if RNG rolls 8. xD
  11. Y'all know the drill. Too ez. WHO: Any active member (or glorified BFF) of OD (ESCL) WHAT: An item set Give-Away! WHEN: Starting>NOW :: Ends Saturday, FEB 9th, 2359(11:59pm for you weirdos) EST. WHERE: Here on teh Forums. Items given in-game of course WHY: BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT In honor of the remarks of "oh it's just a fort" from last time, the game has been stepped up: Below, you will find the pack for YOUR MERC Eth Infinity Thresher (-46) ebug Fort AP (3282//26) Andys head (sorry, not eth, get mad) (8ll, +25) THE RULES ARE SIMPLE: PICK A NUMBER, 1-50. That's it. Note: No two people get the same number, first pick, first locked. Just like last time, Googles RNG will be used, clicked a bunch of times, and winner will be chosen. *Reserved*
  12. I'll be on tomorrow after work, and we can plan out getting you your loot. Good pick. And thanks all for playing along. >:)
  13. Congratz my dude. The number pulled was 18. 2019-01-30 00-00-41.flv
  14. Nothing fancy for the draw, I'll be using Googles RNG. I'll post the results in 12 minutes!
  15. I'm assuming 1130 not 2330? If that's the case, then yes I can.
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