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  2. On second look i nust realized this was hcl and not just softcore. I apologize haha
  3. Hey clanmates! My name is CJ, and I have played Diablo ever since I was about 5 so thats almost 13 years now. I had a big break in playing it cause my computers had stopped working but now I bought myself new ones! Anyway, I was playing and came across a great player named THC(OD). He was super helpful and even recruited me to play with you great people. I'll try to stay active and come back to help our awesome community at any time! Thanks for your consideration my new found friends! Don't be afraid to pm my acc at waffles(OD) for any assistance!
  4. Any ubers you need to do Bruce, I got ya! Just let me know when, and I'm down to help! I have school today but we release early at 12!
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