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  1. C(OD)

    GRush SCL

    SCL (its in the thread title 😉 ) and i was thinking tonight... maybe ~10-11pm EST? so, thats 2-3pm Australia iirc? ill be in channel and try and round up whomever wants in
  2. C(OD)

    GRush SCL

    sup peeps i am going to get a bumper/rusher to run a grush this week. just wondering if anyone would like to join. i am thinking maybe thursday evening. there would be ~6 spots(?) no charge of course obv. letmeknow here or hit me up in channel
  3. C(OD)


    hey all! im miley. new to the clan and just wanting to introduce myself. my bud B(OD) led me to joining the clan. i play d2lod. began playing in 2001, and have recently returned to the game. when i have time, i also play SCUM, world of warships, and PUBG. i work as a first responder, am a part time adjunct professor, and am in grad school. i hope to see yall around. C(OD)
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