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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Looks interesting.. I've considered playing before but always ended up playing D2. My only issue with this: I don't want to play a new game made in 98 So it seemed like it might be hard to get into being that it IS a completely new game.
  3. If you have the HD space just make a second install so you can always play both 🙂
  4. I am an audio engineer and if you need any sounds/music/fx lmk!!!!
  5. Good call, I'm gonna see if I can get my brother to set up the chrome remote on my home computer
  6. I know I can’t install it... but any ideas? ill be in Fort Worthless for a couple days without any gear so my fiancé has a chromebook but that’s all I got for a chance at logging in game. Any ideas?
  7. OD forum the new Facebook y’all 

  8. Salute OD Clan, My name is Joseph, my friend call me D, and I'm from Dallas. I make music with some artists locally and bartend. I'm pretty chill I just like playing Diablo 2 at night cause I'm an owl. So after at least a year I downloaded D2 to play for fun and realized they had an update an deleted my bnet toons for good. Now that I've started again I'm playing ladder for the first time, and also I rolled a sorc for the first time. I ran into DVScott(OD) and he helped me out a lot. Then after playing for a while he told me about the clan and I was immediately interested because this is the first time I've ever taken Diablo 2 seriously. I used to play all the time but it was almost always on lan with my little cousins growing up and stuff like that. I've played a barb 1000 times and a Necro 1000 times so thats why I did something new. I also planned on using this toon to help people rush ect. I plan on making a pally, necro, amazon, and barb. THANK YOU FOR THE HELP YOU ALREADY GAVE ME SO FAR 100 I HOPE TO STICK WITH OD CLAN SALUTE
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