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  1. So, are these the exact live server rates as of current times now that players know of? Because when i hear the words Global Test all I can think of is Temporary or Coming Soon... This doesn't give me a definitive answer..... So when you kept referring to the meta's on the Global Test server, all this told me was in progress... We do not need a long drawn out discussion over this entire thing just straight forward answers. If this is the live rates, and they plan not to change, then so be it... But if they are going to change, then we can go work from there...
  2. Whether you choose to grind for financial reason or for personal, in this guide I will take the step to minimize the cost of producing these gems as well as recommend different methods for each step in the process... Step 1 - The Ancient Magic Crystal Viper You may either create these gems through either Alchemy or just purchasing them for an average price of 140,000 on the marketplace... Step 2 - Upgrading to a Black Magic Viper This step may either require a bit of AFK time or if you have a bit of silver and some in-game patience, you might just be able to pull this one off... For this step, you need to acquire 12 Imperial Training Seals, like the following and trade them to Breeman in Calpheon's northern stable keeper for a Black Magic Essense Viper crystal. There are two ways to acquire these 12 seals per attempt.. You can either raise the and level the horses yourself or be patient and hope to find the appropriate horse for imperial trading off the horse market.... When you Imperial Trade in your horses, you automatically receive 50% of its market value and the amount of imperial token equal to the horse tier. If the horse was a tier 5 horse, you would get 5 token plus half its market value. Keep in mind, in order to do this, the horse has to be at least level 15. To raise your own horses, I would recommend to have a 4 slot wagon for this. Then you you place the 4 horses in the appropriate slots of the wagon using the connect wagon feature in the stable keeper one by one, and when you are ready to train your horses, you do so. Adding better equipment to your wagon that either enhanced, increasing the speed of the wagon, increases the distance, and thus increases the rate at which the horses may level faster as well... If you prefer to purchase the horses, you will have to pay attention at the cost vs tier. Refer to the below example for more information on how to do this. As shown above, if you were to purchase the Tier 8 horse, you would then be able to use the Imperial trade feature after selecting the horse in your stable, and receiving 8 tokens of imperial trade and half of this horses value which would be over 77 mil. But, if you were to choose one of the Tier 5 horses, you get 3 tokens less I do understand, but please keep in mind the cost versus tier here... Lets look at the bottom one.... The bottom Tier 5 horse would grant you 5 tokens when turned into the imperial trader as well as 7.5mil in return value.... The difference here is the cost versus tier... With the Tier 8 it is approx 9 mil per token where as with the Tier 5 horse it is about a little over 1.2 mil per token.... Once you trade them into the Stable Keeper Breeman, you then open your processing tab, and go to the fire looking icon to top right corner area, and right click the essence and the ancient magic crystal viper into the panel, and press heat... The result of the two of these should end up looking like the following.... Step 3 - Preparing for the final Step Now you have to gather the final ingredients, to attempt to get the last crystal you want, that best suits your class and play style... There are three Viper Crystals.. Jin. Bon. Won. Shown below.... The ingredients in this step are a bit trickier to get, but are more worth the wait if you get the result you are seeking. You should already have your Black Magic Crystal from the previous step so that is the easy part of this... The other pieces require a bit more..... 1 Forest Fury 10 Magical Shards To get the Forest Fury, You can either buy it off the marketplace for a easy 3.6 mil, alot of the Kamasylvia Zone creatures have a chance to drop this as a loot drop, and obtained from a few quests in Kamasylvia as a reward as well... To obtain Magical Shards, however, the current best way to get these is to Heat Yellow Grade Black Magic Crystals.... The best place that has the highest drop chance for these is Centaurs... And if you want alot of them, use a 60 minute Scroll item Drop. It is like Christmas! Once you have the three items, you then place them by right clicking them into your processing tab under Simple Alchemy... You do not need any alchemy skill to make these... Good luck on your attempts at making your crystals.. May RNGesus guide your ways...
  3. Back when WoW Cata was a new thing, I was a decently popular livestreamer for this platform at this time... but as life happens, I fell off and did not go back to it.. So, I am thinking to renew myself and start all over and new persona and everything which would include a new name and all of this.. This is where i may need a bit of help... I am on a path to a new persona... I have carried the Lepercy persona since WoW LK times, but its spelled wrong nd it has a history and every time I have to stop and explain the reasoning and everything to every single person I meet and no one understand the story or anything even if they even care about it in the first place...... So I thought about starting fresh a new name and going which the things I am more into now, and going from there... Lately, i have been on this path to higher knowledge, in real life.... (If anyone seeks same, lets talk....) Anyways, I was thinking a mysterious secretive special name not many think of or would use but special maybe on a weird sort of scale but coming up with very little on this end... Not looking for anything silly more like what said before mysterious and secretive sort of name.... If you have any suggesting feel free to either post here or dm my box.. Any help on this would be appreciated or even if I should just go with the 15 plus years of what I have now, then maybe I will just continue this legacy... Who knows right?
  4. Here are a few names I would suggest... Train Wreck Do Not Repair Bunny Killer OD Coast Guard
  5. The old table methods had a hard cap per enhancement tier but this is saying there isnt a cap..... this is strange cause if this is read by new players, they will want a more successful chance, and go for the higher percent thus at a +13 enhancement go for a 120 or more stacking.. very very wrong.... I do not like this method...
  6. I myself would tryout for an Event placement but I have been distracted with family health issues so I have been off and on lately not fully active atm, sorry for this... I plan to get more active soon on teamspeak again like before to update you all on whats happened.... At least for what the family might know of.....
  7. I have been searching for a listing of what each of these summoned guild bosses drop, but the last time i did a guild version of Muskan he does drop the boots as a chance for all that participate in the event for guild members..... So it is safe to assume that for all the versions of the guild bosses, they they all drop the same appropriate boss loot that their group / solo counterparts do as well, but they also do drop livertos as well as millions in bars as well...
  8. Guild Bosses Mission : Acquire guild based guild boss summon scrolls for entire guild usage, on a set date and time, for which most of the member of the guild can attend the event, on a weekly basis. How to receive : Guild Boss Scrolls are obtained by completing a guild mission for which they a rewarded instead of funds, experience or tokens for guild... This will allow member of the participating guild boss fight to be able to have a chance at better gear and equipment, to prepare to advance themselves further into the game. Suggested Timeline : Saturday between 5 pm EST. This is my estimated time frame for these Guild Bosses due to this time being 2 pm on the west coast as well.... How to : On Thursday or Friday, before event, have the designated guild boss scroll holder accept and turn in the guild missions appropriate to the guild boss available. This will allow the designee to retain them, not multiple different players. Also, doing these mission before the event date, will help prevent expiration of said scrolls. A List of the Guild Bosses (Searching for exact listing...) Mudster Awakened Mudster Muskan Awakened Muskan Lava Chief Ancient Puturum Will update and post more information as found for the list and add any suggestions below this edition line with member credit... Suggestions :
  9. Once upon a time, there once was a kid, that played on a Atari, long long ago.... The kid then grew up a bit, after his mother and father split, and his mother found a more "compatible" opponent, for which this kid could then upgrade to a NES for Super Mario Bros competitions..... Also, the best friend of said competitor, had a PC, for which he taught this kid about a game on DOS called "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy..." Not long after these times, the neighbor kids got involved with their Sega's and Sega Saturn's, and Dreamcast's.... (Loud devices and alot of heat to melt carpet....) Super Nintendo was a thing about this time as well but this kid was too busy with school to get too involved with this version of a console generation... Eventually catching back up to N64, when the 3D of Mario began to become a popular thing, this kid was mesmerized by how far over the short time things are progressing already.... After school, this kid decided to follow his fathers steps, and try to do better than he did in the Army, and enlist.. Thus the, now adult did... and gaming was a thing of the past, at least for now.... During the late years of the service, the adult met up with a gaming group in California and learned about Dungeons and Dragons, and after a few months, began to be a Dungeon Master for the soldiers stationed there.... Unfortunately, at end of the fourth year of service, this adult was injured during a joint task force exercise, and relieved of service.... About a year after returning home, the veteran began college and was staying in a apartment on campus, shared with a roommate... Not knowing, this roommate played video games.... While sitting in the roommates room one day, this veteran asked, "whats the dwarf for?" The roommate said, "This is the new release of "Wrath of the Lich King, for World of Warcraft!" The veteran sat for long hours observing and thus not a few weeks passed was then also playing this type of game himself.... This began a long MMO history for this veteran spanning almost two decades of mmo gaming from titles suck as WoW, GW2, Rift, ArcheAge, FFXIV, ESO, Minecraft, D3, Destiny 1 and 2, BDO, and many many steam game to include H1Z1 just Survive with over 800 plus hours in this one alone.... And this is just the PC games..... Also had a PS4 with several titles with that as well..... From being a kid playing the original grey gameboy the size of a hardback book to a highend pc playing Black Desert Online, I, Lepercy have been there, and this is my story....
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