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  1. I'm in to play Hc not sure yet what ill start with.
  2. I am in slow is goood for me.
  3. Start date 3/13/2021 Start time 7pm Est Prize is unid torch Rules to play by We all make NEW druids on HCL (OD Tagged on OD account) Level up together to level 9 - remember we are a gm clan so please keep that in mind (no dirty tp's / bm behavior) If you die while leveling or leave the game for a reason other than disconnection, you will be disqualified Once you hit level 9, immediately go to town --- no more looking for items at this point There will be 5 minutes to shop at merchants after the last person hits level 9 or 45 minutes have passed We will duel in the small area between blood moor and cold plains (Flavie's box). You cannot leave that area. The only skill you can use (after leveling) is MOLTEN BOULDER We will have a free for all between everybody that survives to level 9
  4. My Heart is broken, I will miss your Mother. She was a wonderful friend. I am so sorry for all our loss.
  5. Julie, I wish you and your grandbaby's all the best this world has. Thank you for every thing you have done . all my best
  6. Glad to have you as a member congrats on a year in the clan.
  7. Thank you everyone, it means a lot to know you are all with me.
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