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  1. Are there any current FPS games with a similar feel as Quake 3 arena? I like the speed of that game (really fast)
  2. I'm committing to a summoner. Right now I'm in Act 1 NM. When I become a Patriarch, I'll do baal runs with you guys :p. Here are some cool rares that I have found.
  3. 1) if I have an insight equipped, do other players partied with me get the meditation aura? 2) If I have a point in prayer and use insight, will I still get the synergy from prayer? 3) If I have 20 points in meditation and have the aura activated, how will that impact my meditation level with insight equipped?
  4. Whenever I did walks with a lot of people, I had trouble getting items!
  5. I would like to remake my barbarian and give all of my items away. If any (OD) would like an item(s). Let me know.
  6. Classic is a challenge with the super small stash! But it is also nice not having to worry about charms and runes because those can fill up your inventory as well.
  7. Kong is slowly making progress. He is really lazy lol.
  8. Have you killed Baal yet?
  9. Tried making Steel with a scepter but forgot that it isn't a mace class. So I have been trying to find another El rune by farming Countess. I have probably spent 2 hours farming her and no luck; so I'm moving on to the imbue quest. Gambled nice gloves, boots, and belt.
  10. He's big, he's bad, he don't need no stinkin shield and he don't care about having 0 defense. Introducing Kong the berserker barb.
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