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  1. nice, i see u changed the paint 🙂~ what else u doing to the bathroom?
  2. My best meatBaal recipe is have a full party of decked out toons or just a decked out javazon and jab him to a quick death. hehe My best meatball recipe is go out and enjoy it at a restaurant hahaha since i dont cook or know how to lol
  3. JR(OD)


    hiya pal~ welcome to OD~ let us know if u need help with anything! im mostly scl though but still play hcl more lately 😄
  4. o....m.....g...... lol really? i doubt @MooMoo(OD) or anyone would put that out on their lawn hahahahah (no offense) xP
  5. we miss u too nick. grats on closing and getting a new place! c u when ur back!
  6. Anyone interested to start an OD fantasy football league?
  7. Gonna start for 2019 season? Im itching to play!!!! Lets get it!
  8. 🙂 awesome~ just made a HCL Classic. does that count?
  9. wow tech these days hahahaha i would buy a farm filled with cows moo'ing all day and whenever i please, i would go cow tipping, farm some shrooms, and make me some beef patties to end the day. rinse, repeat. then with the leftover money would go buy me some chick-fil-a franchises 🙂 i dunno just random hahaha
  10. Thanks everyone who joined in on the event! was longer than we expected. looked like yall knew what to do hahaha. This round was very quiet and pretty close. 1st: me!! 2nd: Purplez 3rd: Rettig Grats yall and everyone for joining~ was a quick event but the game itself was longer than normal hahahahah MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  11. starting in a few mins. hope everyone can make it!
  12. So this morning was Round 1 and turned out better than i expected 😛 Although the contest/event went by quick, it was fun and hilarious! @Purplez(OD) and @ATHG(OD) only lasted like 5-10secs hahaha 🤣 Thanks for those that participated 🙂 Now lets do it again! Round 2 of JR's Red Portal Survivor! When: Friday, August 16, 2019 at 10:30PM Est Where: Meet in channel Clan OD Sign-up: Please sign up here on this thread Have a lvl 1 Sorc HCL toon ready in channel by 10:30PM Est with format OD-JRname or OD-nameJR (ex: OD-JRPurplez, OD-MoomooJR, etc.) Prizes: (1) 1st: 100fg (1) 2nd: Unmade Eth Bugged Fort SCL (1) 3rd: SCL Runes Game/Rules: -With everyone being in the same party, I will make a normal Red Portal (Cows) and once everyone is ready i will say start and everyone will go in to the portal and begin to play survivor -The point of this game is to be the last one standing(last one to die). So try to kill others by pulling cows to each other 🙂 -You cannot go to NPC to purchase anything (cannot buy stam pots). Join game and stay around Stash -You are allowed to use ONLY the 4 minor hp pots we are equipped with as you may survive a hit from Cows, but cannot buy any from NPCs -Last one standing wins! Easy right? Once the game begins. You cannot come back into town until u are the last survivor. -Anyone that disconnects/drops/ or comes back into town before 1 remaining survivor(last one to die), you will be disqualified xP ***If we have more than 8 ppl then i will split it up to 2 games and top 2 players of each game will play again for the top 3 prize!*** Participants: 1.) @JR(OD) 2.) @MooMoo(OD) 3.) @ATHG(OD) 4.) @CotDaniel(OD) 5.) @Purplez(OD) 6.) @Mytho(OD) 7.) @Rocket(OD) 8.) @RadarRick(OD) 9.) @rettig(OD)
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