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  1. ill put my money on Dec. 3rd, 6th, and 13th . sending 30fg :P who won that last ladder contest? 😜
  2. welcome to OD! see u around 🙂 lmk if u need help~
  3. nice, i see u changed the paint 🙂~ what else u doing to the bathroom?
  4. JR(OD)


    hiya pal~ welcome to OD~ let us know if u need help with anything! im mostly scl though but still play hcl more lately 😄
  5. o....m.....g...... lol really? i doubt @MooMoo(OD) or anyone would put that out on their lawn hahahahah (no offense) xP
  6. we miss u too nick. grats on closing and getting a new place! c u when ur back!
  7. Anyone interested to start an OD fantasy football league?
  8. Gonna start for 2019 season? Im itching to play!!!! Lets get it!
  9. 🙂 awesome~ just made a HCL Classic. does that count?
  10. Welcome to OD~ if you ever need help with any thing . dont hesitate to ask :)
  11. JR(OD)

    O.D.M Hub

    wow cool stuff!
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Oh Julie, im very sorry for your loss and prayers to you and your family... i cant image what you are going through... xoxo
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