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  1. A big thank you shout out to all the donators helping our members!!!!
  2. U stole my idea! Those were mine!!!! 😜 I still have a pair of his ears left as well as drewg.
  3. Oooh ok. Thanks! Ill ask @SuNSeT
  4. oooooo. nice buddy~ all the ss i have arent funny . waiting for that moment!
  5. Woot Woot! thanks cindy! this doesnt mean we stop recruiting guys! keep on recruiting! :)
  6. nobody knows who has ? T___T
  7. Welcome bud! dont forget to log in often to keep low DSL and mingle with other members for the trial votes ! :)
  8. Wusup Tuud! u finally found the intro section! Welcome to the fam! keep a low dsl . dont forget :) u and ur bros/friend!
  9. in the middle of recruiting another as we speak :) is that 9 or 10? is there like a title or badge or award for this? haha since im an officer n cant get promo lol
  10. up to 8 or 9 now. another recruit! smittens gf :)
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