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  1. oh shit. nice! looking small compared to the others uve caught damn i that snake is pretty close to where u were.
  2. its been a year already?! wow time flies~ shes such a doll!
  3. hahaha thx buddy! 🙂 well done!
  4. JR(OD)

    End of Ladder

    i have a buncha mules as well with items in HC
  5. JR(OD)

    d2 mod remake

    theres a rumor that D2 Remaster or D2 Resurrected is due to come out by end of 2020
  6. Welcome to OD and was fun chatting with ya. lmk if ya need anything~
  7. welcome back! glad ur off quarantine! stay safe~
  8. JR(OD)

    d2 mod remake

    this game looks badass though haha
  9. all i can say is OUCH! >< was never a cricket fan but that game looks intense now that i see that vid hehe
  10. JR(OD)

    Sassy is sick

    :( julie get well soon!!!!!!!
  11. ill take may 29th friday since the june fridays are taken haha cindy, u might want to add ur jsp name on here for ppl that dont know it :D
  12. RIP Decomp.... another loss, so tragic. condolences to his family n friends T____T
  13. @Smoken(OD) just remember what we talked about a few days ago. still praying for ya bud. reach out again anytime
  14. thats awesome! such a cute dog! and snow??? is that snow???? hope scarlet gets comfy with its new family soon :)
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