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  1. bay bee~~~~~~~ shark ddo do do dooooo~ baby shark ddo do doooo~~~ baby shark ddo do do dooooo, baby shark!

    happy bday! :P

    1. Sassy


      Let you off today lol 😂 

  2. hey Jonathan. welcome to OD~! lmk if u ever need any help in d2 :)
  3. im normally SCL but mid to late season i switch to HCL 🙂
  4. Ginger Ale or Whiskey on the rocks or IPA beer
  5. welcome to OD! do u play sc or hc?
  6. Im glad u found your way here on the forums :P was fun meeting u today and remember to hit me up if ya ever need help :)
  7. JR(OD)

    So annoyed!!

    he not resigning haha he Unistalling , Reinstalling u silly! :)
  8. JR(OD)

    A jokes thread

    lol. harsh hahaha
  9. JR(OD)

    New member

    Welcome to OD @Faded(OD). if you ever need help with anything just msg me :) im also in my 30s with 2 kids as well :) lil rascals/trouble makers >< maybe ill run into u in game :)
  10. Bay~ Bee~ Shark. Ddo ddo do doooooo~~~ baby shark ddo ddo do doooooo~

    Forum is down for now ><.

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