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  1. Wow another bowling contest! Awesome! ill try to make it out tonight! EVERYONE ! JOIN!
  2. Now now fellas. Lets all just get along. Yes GD is correct that some ppl can get offended with the term midget. I believe ppl say little ppl nowadays. But this thread in the water cooler section, its suppose to make ppl laugh n blow off steam n even be encouraged on, right? If it offended someone i believe they should just mention it and im pretty sure whoever posted would edit it or delete it. But yea. To me, i looked at it like going to a comdey stand up show. Go there to get some laughs n maybe even get roasted and hear offensive thinga but its never meant to intentionally to hurt me or anyone. So hopefully now that its been mentioned that it was offensive to someone, lets fix it and make sure it doesnt happen again. 🙂
  3. thx :) ima try again tonight. mornings are very slow and quiet haha
  4. i want to just give out free items on my mules and get ready for new ladder. if anyone wants free items, let me know. i know our clan mule is practically full and cant hold my items. 😜 so whenever im on (everyday at work in the afternoon EST) ill be making a game to drop buncha useful items and ill post here as well so right now. Public game is called OD Free Items ill post more games later! also just post here if u need and ill make game when i can :)
  5. i find it very funny and amusing. why would it be awful or harmful? it is a water cooler ~
  6. I’m up to season 2 now woo hoo lol 

    I’m liking it midget is the best ha ha 

    1. JR(OD)


      midget hahaha... get to season 8 by tonight! Final episode is tonighT!!!!!

    2. Sassy


      I’m going bed now had hard day at work and been to see my lauren got work at 7am otherwise I would have watched more .. final episode was there just 5 this season ? If so seen it last week here 

    3. JR(OD)



  7. JR(OD)


    everyone should read this~ good read 🙂
  8. reminds me of my baby girl a few months back :)
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