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  1. thank you sunset for hosting. great event and thanks for your time updating it daily and everyone for participating! some solid duels all around. another reason i love clan OD. i hope to host some events soon.
  2. oh i always wear underwear 3 sizes too small when i play d2. how can you pvp any other way?
  3. won 3-1 earlier forgot to post gds
  4. got our duel in 3-0 me gds aaron
  5. in a challenge vs moomoo, trying to do this tonight
  6. that last match was scary. came straight out the gate with 2 rapes
  7. changed it before the duel lol. yeah without some block and DR that isnt a winnable matchup for me. strafe hits hard and usually get fhr'd, then when i actually stomp zon just wsgs away lol
  8. won 3-1 gds had to change my build 😀
  9. dueled moomoo last night 3-1 me forgot to post
  10. 3-1 me gds. gg matchup
  11. 3-2 me gd's jared. sick matches there
  12. 3-0 me gds. always a fun matchup NvD 😁
  13. 3-1 me somehow, gds bro 😎
  14. wait till dbz beats me here in a few
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