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  1. Welcome to OD! Hit me up if you ever get into playing some Apex Legends 😄 we're always looking for more people.
  2. I think a lot of the changes they are making / have made are really good for the game.
  3. @Hari(OD) stand up guy always putting the clan before himself. I will save my questions for your future eval as well.
  4. Shortwlf is live! Come see what he's up to on Guild Wars 2 😄
  5. Don't forget to use my social media thread for any FFXIV content we'd like to post! https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68907-social-media-content/
  6. Good luck with the new squad! Posted this up on our twitter
  7. Hello there sir, I apologize for the delay as I was away on vacation the past week. I am definitely available right now and will be on tomorrow and all through the weekend if you'd like to chat some.
  8. Just giving this a little bump as a reminder for everyone to use it as you please 🙂
  9. Welcome to OD! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Also if you play any Apex Legends or Rocket League hit me up 😄
  10. Adorable! #TeamCat
  11. It actually looks pretty intriguing...posted it to twitter as well!
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