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  1. Excellent idea thanks for the update Terra & nice work Rag!
  2. Welcome to OD Deranged! Hit me up if your ever playing Apex, overwatch, or rocket league 😄
  3. RIP @Badboi(OD) PC! Gl on getting that all situated
  4. I don't know a whole lot about the D2 community and who is super active etc etc. However if it is my choice to give out at this time I would have to go with @Accepted(OD) 😄
  5. They don't need to be kept moist those ingredients just do that. If something is dry you can sauce it all day it will still be dry inside 😄 especially something like turkey lol.
  6. I think Sassy just wants her privacy atm so I think we should all respect that. Sorry to see you go @GhostDog(OD) best of luck to you sir.
  7. Nothing better than making your own bread crumbs from your own bread as long as you dry them out and season them properly. The bacon is there for fat content and also helps keep the meatballs moist, both of these things actually make a noticeable difference. I have to make batches of 1000 at a time for work 😛
  8. If you insist 😄 It all starts with making some Italian bread dough from scratch, proofing it, baking it, allow to cool. Once it's cool cut it up into rough pieces and set aside in a mixing bowl. To the bowl of bread you add some worcestershire sauce, fresh minced garlic cloves, plenty of thyme & Italian seasoning. Rough chop a few onions and sautee them off in a pan with olive oil, salt, and pepper until tender. Once the onions are tender add those to the mixing bowl as well. Grab yourself a burr mixer and buzz away until a thick "goo" is achieved. In a separate mixing bowl add your meat; I like to use a combination of ground beef, pork, and veal. The pork keeps the meatballs moist and the veal adds some extra flavor. I also like to cut up some raw bacon and add that to the mix (everything is better with bacon). Pour in your "bread goo" mixture a little bit at a time mixing as you go until you have the proper consistency. You want the mix to be as wet as possible but able to hold it's shape. Once you have achieved this add generous amounts of salt & pepper to the mix. Take one meatball out and cook it off to taste for seasoning. Adjust seasoning as desired. Form meatballs and bake them off at 350 degrees for roughly 15 minutes (depending on the size you choose, this is for 2oz meatballs). Once the meatballs are done make sure you drain off the excess grease and allow the meatballs to cool. They are now ready to serve with whatever dish you choose or they can be frozen for a later time :).
  9. Too bad I don't play D2 and have a need for those items >_<
  10. There sure is, first I would just check the connections to your pc and make sure nothing came loose. Open your control panel, click Hardware & Sound, then click sound. This should bring up a new small window, click on recording. There should be a Mic In somewhere that you should be able to see if it's picking up your voice at all when you speak into it. If there is no mic in option there right click anywhere in that window and click show disabled devices to see if it's there and enable it that way. I don't want to overwhelm you with a wall of text of things to try as there are a million reasons it could not be working but let's start there. Of course others will pitch in here as well I'm sure but try this out first. If no suggestions from anyone work it could just be a dead microphone, it's happened to me on relatively new and expensive headsets.
  11. Congrats @rettig(OD) & @Immolation(OD)
  12. Updating the post on twitter to reflect the 28th!
  13. v3n0m(OD)


    You could have made your own thread for your intro @KiLoOn3(OD) but welcome to OD anyways :D. If your ever on Apex legends hit me up, always looking for more people to play with!
  14. Threw this up on twitter! Good luck to all those who participate!
  15. Long road ahead of ya haha, keep us posted! I want to see the end result
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