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  1. Get well soon, stay hydrated and rest.
  2. Looks incredible, I think I'll be buying for sure.
  3. I was thinking the same thing haha. SK did that one I think so he'd know. I think he was planning on trying it with the O and the D blue as well.
  4. I'm going 14 but I would like to see it with the tweeks SK was going to try out, still my vote regardless though.
  5. I actually really like the first one in SK's post under mine with the blue R. I have no design skills what so ever but I'd maybe do the O and the D in blue instead of the R 😛
  6. I think 12 and 5 are also, just one is on a white background vs black.
  7. I actually had no idea it was celebrated this early over there, Happy Mother's Day.
  8. Welcome back Fuzion! Guess your PC is finally up and running? Hit me up for some CS/Apex
  9. Sucks to see you go Red but as with DBZ best of luck in the future and to your family.
  10. v3n0m(OD)

    Cya guys

    Sucks to see you go but best of luck to you in the future DBZ.
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