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  1. No I mean for gaming Intel is still king but the multi-thread usage on that 3900x is insane. The chips are so good that I don't even care about the OC capabilities anymore and for the price, can't beat it. Been an Intel guy forever so should be an interesting/fun change of pace.
  2. 6700k here as well, I think I'll be going AMD 3900xt or just the x maybe.
  3. Yea I already have the money set aside I plan on going absolutely ham with the next build haha. The overall setup is probably going to run somewhere around 6k, will post pics when it's all done.
  4. v3n0m(OD)


    Welcome to OD.
  5. So sorry for your loss, beautiful dog.
  6. Happy Father's Day all you bois.
  7. I actually despise the design of the PS5 and yes of course the price tag is terrible as well. Hopefully they will have a black one to choose from as well, who does white controllers only?
  8. Yea I bounce back and forth between C2 and C3 in both 2v2 and 3v3...I can't stand doing 1v1 lol.
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