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  2. March 13th Patch Notes https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2481 Notable Changes: New BSR Skills, and adding new events.
  3. Here is an example of a better hour on the front rotation. This is a 65mil hour with no guild mission. with a little more AP I averaged 6.2k trash
  4. So recently I have had quite a few people asking me how you can possibly make 50mil at Gahaz in an hour. So I have recorded 2 separate hours to see how much I made and both were exactly an hour. I have made 50mil per hour on all the rotations. I vendor all the Rosar drops buy selling them to the stable manager in Shakatu. I use quite a few buffs to assist in better loot/ clear speed/ xp gain. In the end both of these hours are pretty below average cause I should be able to reach 50mil without a guild mission and events. Also both of these hours were done on an alt character where I average about 5.2k - 6k trash loot. On my striker I can average like 7.5k - 8.5k trash loot. I also will be adding in a video of the 4 different rotations that I use. Here are the buffs/ stuff I use: - 5 Pets on agile (1 T4 and 4 T3) - Loot Scroll - Tier 7 Gahaz node - Simple Cron meal (you can buy them in MP for 300k and they give buff to help quicken clear and give combat and skill xp) - Destruction Spirit Stone (auto checked to use when you run out.) - Kamasylve Blessing (I've made 50 mil without this, it just helps) If you would also Like to get the most out of xp then you also get this stuff - Combat book/ xp scrolls - Daily 200 Percent for skill or combat - Energy consumption from Black spirit - Marni stones -Rotations- Main: 0:00 Front: 7:11 Hill: 13:32 Back: 17:45 -1st Hour- Here you can see I already vendored all my stuff, But I had 5.4k trash loot with 3 event 1 mil drops. I also did a guild mission that gained me 3.5mil. In the storage you can see I have like 5 things in there for about 700k Here you can see with all my loot in the storage my net gain was ~51mil. -2nd Hour- Here you can see that I had 5.8k trash loot the mil I had made prior was from vendoring Rosar I got and had to empty my inventory halfway through. Here is after I vendored all my stuff and got my guild wage of 4.5mil for doing GM. Here is the final gain of ~51mil again. Conclusion: With faster clear speed and more AP 50mil is easily achievable. In both of these hours the Scroll drops are pretty average with about 7-8. The black stones are a little low and the event money was 3mil for the first hour and 5mil for the second. With a little bit of good RNG you can easily get past 50mil. But that is why 50Mil is the average.
  5. March 6th Patch Notes https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2457 Notable Changes are the beginning of some new events as well as trial characters.
  6. Not sure if good or bad thing lol
  7. Listened today while was running around battle arena. I enjoyed it a lot.
  8. The poll is now up for people to cast your vote ont he guild galley name. the thread can be found here
  9. A brother. Welcome to OD
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