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  1. 13/6 june ill pay the 10 fg when i see you
  2. would love to be in part of it but i dk with work if ill be off the day ladder reset when they announce the date ill let you know ill pick nado druid with oak sage
  3. yea would e cool starting a weekly classic walk with rules like no trade only self found item no rush just walk together once a week 1 or 2 hour and see where it goes in classic the game s very different and i like both of them even in hc the game changed i walked toonz in evry thing classic scl hcl and would ove to have a group to walk witgh them once evry week espicially on monday or tuesday cuz of work but i ca be there other day from 6-8 we should start an wak event together @GamerGoth(OD) @JR(OD)
  4. well i only got 1 full gear toonz cuz i give away all the other gear i got cuz now im a walker i walk toonz with pplz and i solo too hope some 1 who rly need it will get it cuz i no need just here to say hi 😁
  5. yea kind of late if im not too drunk ill be there and look my doublethrow barb contest same thing as the bowling one but double trow barb but we have to lvl up to 15 and there pretty good prize to win tomorrow will be happy to see u
  6. @Purplez(OD) if u can add to the bot channel announcement it rescheduled for next week 16 th april
  7. only me and @Froggie420(OD) show off it been reschedule to 8 :30 tonite we wait 30 min in game see if ppl join
  8. @Froggie420(OD) @MooMoo(OD) @Jamiecl(OD) @StelioKonto(OD) @Purplez(OD) @JR(OD) @Ray(OD) at 6:30 game name will be OD throw ////// xx
  9. ill take the chaos nd fury claq for my sin if nobody need it
  10. @Jamiecl(OD) nice @MooMoo(OD) so both of you and me atm for contest let try to bring ppl up 🙂
  11. ok thx for the advice and yea let change the rule and we lvl up together next week @MooMoo(OD)
  12. yea sure but lvl 1 till 15 can take more than an hour without chant and still ppl can x-fer thing in their stash b4 joining the game
  13. so ill host a lvl 15 Double Trow barb contest on hcl on tuesday april 9th at 6 :30 Pm East rules are only self found gear no x-fer or trade u can buy gear from vendor tho and dont accept gear from ppl in rand game please for example if u lvl in chant game and ppl drop gear on ground dont pick it up it it not selfound and if u see like a manald ring(any gear manald just an example ) at vendor dont buy it only skill u can use in your combat skill tree is double throw ( u can put pts in other skill but cant use it example double attack give bonus dmg to double throw that u can put pts but not use it to attack ) your are free to use any skill in masteries and the warcries tree you can only use shout but u can choose to not put pts in it dont grush yourself to get your skill quest only skill quest u can do is den and Rad on normal so only 2 Xtra Skill Pts lvl 15 max and lvl up B4 the contest evrybody can join and it going to be free for all in same spot as moomoo(OD) running the bowling contest prize are on SCL 1 prize is lvl 20 Conc Eth tresher Pride 2 prize is soj if we are more than 8 ppl will do more game and 2 ppl left on each game will join in a final battle let have Fun and ima need a S/s of your skill tree plz just making sure evrybody got same amount of skill pts and s/s of you in your stash so can see what up !! if not enough ppl join ill reschedueled it to the next week need minimum 4 ppl with me to have fun 🙂
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