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  1. sassy thank you so much that means a lot
  2. so i was parked in a game perming a mule, and when i left i was kicked straight to main d2 screen. and now i cannot log into ANY b.net game. so for some reason bnet has felt its necessary to ban my IP address from every corner of their realms. I made some tickets saying that im unfairly being banned while having not breached any terms of usage. i dont bot, i dont mh, i dont even bad mouth people. but so all the while i am completely upset about this. d2 and od is really the best thing in my life. i have really bad depression and bipolar 2, so this actually has my retreating to my bed clicking on battle.net every hour or so with tears in my eyes trying to see if the ip ban is lifted. i sound ridiculous i know that, and some of you may even meet these words with a smirk or shake of ur head, but im actually really hurt about it. i broke my hand in frustration and my partner hit me in their own frustration, its my fault really for relapsing on heroin to try to and self medicate. even if i didnt become physical at all (im a self proclaimed humanist and devout to pacifism) i still know its my fault for letting them down, ive always been deserving of it. being such an enormous disappointment. my partner left in anger and i pray not for that guys house she likes to take her frustration i give her out with him, probably satisfies her more than i can. my tohughts are very unsafe now, hence why im considering the psych hospital. so it hasnt been a great day for the pinguin, im considering admitting myself back to the hospital for acouple weeks. havent yet decided. that being said im actually writing this now painstakingly with a broken hand and squinting through blackened and tear swollen eyes to let any one that probably never even noticed anyway that i didnt leave or stop playing. please not demote or set me no longer active member. thanks guys, i hope to be back as soon as possible. i really miss everyone. youre all at least the closest things i have to friends. the kindness i receive here is unparalleled and foreign for me. i really hope tht i can come back soon. you all mean so much more to me than you are surely not aware. 💔
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