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  1. Eventually I can trade Ice Blast for Ice Bolt and trade Blizzard for Frozen Orb. The damage, without equipment, would look like this ... Ice Bolt (174-227 dmg) and Frozen Orb (366-387 dmg). Maybe I end up opting for this last one since the intention is to help with rush. hug!
  2. I will leave here the build of my Sorceress that I will use in the future to rush any member of the clan who wants to play in classic mode. I made a mixture of fire and ice, without the intention of being the best, much less dispute duels. It's definitely not a build for this sort of thing. Status: STR: enough for equipment. DEX: 51 to use Shard. VIT: all remaining points. ENE: Nothing. Skills: (damage calculated without equipment) Fire Spells: 01 Warmth; 20 Fire Ball (1462-1659 dmg); 20 Meteor (3313-3534 dmg); 09 Fire Mastery (+89 percent) Lightning Spells: 01 Static Field; 01 Telekinesis; 01 Teleport. Cold Spells: 01 Frozen Armor; 01 Ice Bolt; 20 Ice Blast (678-714 dmg); 01 Frost Nova; 01 Glacial Spike; 20 Blizzard (1197-1299 dmg) and 13 Cold Mastery (+80 percent) Note 1: Both Ice Bolt and Ice Blast and Glacial Spike give + 5% damage per level to Blizzard, so among those three, I chose to master Ice Blast because it had a higher final damage. Note 2: Cold Mastery ended up getting more points than Fire Mastery, but my intention was to balance the damage percentage between one and the other. I tried to leave both with the closest percentage possible. Remembering that this information about the damage is not considering the equipment. Note 3: This build closes at level 99, counting on the quests skills of: Akara, Atma and Izual (Normal, Nightmare and Hell), that is, another 12 skill points, counting a total of 111 skill points. I accept suggestions and criticism, but I think it will be a good Sorceress and I will achieve the goal that I described at the beginning. If you liked it, feel free to praise or copy.
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to make a brief presentation and then leave some thanks. First, say that I do not speak English, so forgive my lack of command of the language. You can call me Rik, I am 35 years old, I am Brazilian, I live in the city of São Paulo capital. I'm a police officer and I may not always be able to be in touch, but whenever I can, I'll be. I started playing Diablo II in 2000, I have some knowledge and my main intention at the moment is to make new friends and evolve together in classic mode. I have no interest in expansion, please understand and do not insist. My first contact with the clan was through Ronnie (orca) and who recruited me was Drew (Miramax). I appreciate the opportunity to be part of a clan that in my eyes seems to me to be one of the good ones. I ask the understanding of all when they play with me because I do not dominate your language. Nor will use TS because I understand what you write better than what you say, especially because you speak too quickly for my understanding. I hope to be approved as an official member after this brief trial period. Thank you all! Count on me when I'm strong enough to help you with anything! A hug PS: I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong place.
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