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  1. Still ele druid - new name is empyreal NO BM
  2. FYI - I changed the name of my dudu.
  3. 1. theBandit(OD) DustyRhodes *savage. Wind Dudu MB - yes ES - no
  4. I am ready for whoever.. think I gotta go against @SuperSaucy(OD)
  5. GD's and good luck with the rest of the tourney
  6. OD-EskiMoo: you can post "shit on @moomoo(OD)" @theBandit(OD) 3-0 vs @MooMoo(OD)
  7. I'll be on within the next couple hours if the challenge is still going
  8. Sign me up! @theBandit(OD) BabyRuth (BVC)
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