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  1. TonyS81(OD)


    Hi all! I wasn't sure where to type this but it seemed like a close enough section. I'm not actually resigning from OD, I just haven't made much time for D2 lately with work and family being a bit crazy at the moment. I hope to be back to it soon but until then consider me inactive. Hope you all are well! Tony S. TonyS81(OD)
  2. I have a fanat/zealer with smite I was gonna use, but if someone else has a smiter built I may use summon necro to cover and keep minions busy? I probably just need to borrow an enigma to guide them I would think, it's been several years since I ran ubers LOL
  3. Hi, is anyone up for running some ubers with me at some point soon? I still need some more keys but hoping to get a torch or two 😃
  4. I don't have any vote power so wanted to voice my thoughts as a general topic... I vote in favor of GhostDog being promoted. He has been a friendly, helpful leader since I joined the clan recently. Always willing to answer questions or add advice when needed. He is often leading chaos or baal runs, and it seems he chooses which based on what online members are looking for. He has held a consistent and frequent presence, and seems to approach things as a team leader for the benefit oh the clan not just his individual character. Thanks for all your efforts GhostDog! They are much appre
  5. CompFreak(OD) - I usually go rpg, action rpg, or rts games. Elder Scrolls since Daggerfall, blizzard since warcraft 2 (before battlenet came out LOL) the three diablos, starcrafts, Zeldas, etc... Used to have a lot more time for them before kids and active work. Yay adulting 😃
  6. Thanks for having me, looking forward to helping out and having groups to play with.
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