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  1. I'm still on a metered connection so i wont be able to participate in the TS meeting. My disability has been approved but still not received my first check yet. My case worker talked to me on the 23rd and got all the info she needed from me so hopefully by the end of next week i will have some money in the bank and I will have either Century Link or Charter Cable. Which ever has the best deal at the time. Then i will be able to dl TS and use it. I must say I really enjoy being in OD Everyone has always been polite and very helpful. Only suggestion I have is a problem i always had. Not knowing where and how to get certain items and gear. Gear can be pretty complex because what may work on a light sorc, wont be good on a fire or ice sorc or another toon like a paladin or Necro. Like what i need to know is for instance my light sorc, what is more important, + to skill gear or % to light skill damage for example. I been playing D2 on and off since it came out. One thing that always happens when you ask for someone to help you with what you need they be like here take this use this wear that. but never take the time to explain what type of gear you want to look for to use until you can get the endgame gear you will want. I understand its kinda complex because of the different builds you can do for each toon.
  2. Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or any other holiday you celebrate. couldn't find the water cooler. I just want to take the time to say I appreciate OD Members for all the fun with the ones i have had the privilege of playing with and the ones that Help other members. Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or any other holiday you celebrate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L58md9fOHl0
  3. sorry my vertigo was acting up last night I took medicine for it and laid down and fell asleep didnt get up till this morning but I will definitely be on tonight as long as the power dont go out they calling for a winter mix tonight.
  4. I will take OD-Wolfman
  5. I think I'm supposed to be Staff Sgt. then. still showing as enlisted.
  6. Im interested in being in a team would prefer to be a poison necro but will be willing to make whatever toon a team needs. I need help in knowing what gear i will need to survive and kill in hell. My normal game times are 8pm-4am eastern time
  7. where did the edit button go lol? and not sure what my forum rank is. I am assuming it goes up automatically as you post.
  8. where do i post to say none of my post show up in the search engine when i search KingDD(OD)
  9. I didnt post all that stuff about using comand prompt and mess
  10. Also if you are using WiFi connection some providers such as charter cable cut the WiFi connection by 50%. a work around for this is to clone your PC mac address in your router. This way it tricks the Modem in thinking its straight wired to the PC.
  11. I personally use MalwareBytes and CCleaner, for manual scans, If you have windows 8 or newer I suggest using windows defender for live blocking and it has a decent firewall built into it. but the best firewall is built into your router and most modems.
  12. Ok Ty for clarifying that I thought logging into the forum was same as logging into the website. Guess there separate. 🙂
  13. ok that must be it. I didnt even know that was possible lol. learn something new every day lol. what would my rank be? yea i just learned i miss understood you my bad. working on fixing that now.
  14. Hey everyone. I went for my disability hearing today in Wilmington, NC. Went to the beach while we was so close. Spent some time with my Daughter and youngest Grand Daughter and Wife. I think the hearing went good, so hopefully i will be getting some money coming in where i can get a normal internet connection. Happy Gaming. Also does anyone play Wurm Online? https://www.wurmonline.com/
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